Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Giveaway at Izzy & Ivy

I love sewing patterns!
Especially those special ones that look hand made simply because you can never see something like that in RTW clothes. Especially for children... Especially for girls.
I just saw this giveaway.. right here

Look at their patterns! Aren't they adorable????
I hope I win!

Monday, December 14, 2009


I've loved this pattern since I saw it!
But I only decided to buy it last month!
I know - It is not a practical thing - rompers... now for a kid who no longer wears diapers. But - everything doesn't have to be practical... right?
Anyway - my 6 years old asked for a romper, so it gave me the best excuse to buy the pattern.
It came together very quickly and easily!
I made size 86 cm for my 3 years old. I lengthened the pants part to make it winter romper, added ruffles for fun.
I placed the pockets in the wrong place, didn't realize it until it was too late.
I also didn't have a way to put these cute ribbons on the packets so I just stitched ribbons on the pockets.
The instructions - I downloaded them from the Farbenmix site.
and I used this photo tutorial .
The only 'problem' I have with the instructions - it was difficult for me to understand how to put the elastic under the arm. I finally just put a casing there after the top part was all lined and ready and put the elastic in and then sewed it on the side. I'm not sure this is the way it was supposed to be, but it worked well.
Also - for the ties the instructions say 'cut 2 on folded fabric - for 2 ties'. I saw 'for 2 ties' and sew I cut only two then had to cut two more.
Other then that - I just love it!

and so does my kid!

I'm starting now size 116 cm for my 6 years old!

Sunday, December 6, 2009


I don't need any more tops for myself!
I do NOT need any more patterns!
And yet, when friends from work arrived to Germany I ordered to their hotel two more patterns by Farbenmix!
One of them is Zoela!
I saw all these great examples in here, and thought that this top has so much potential!
SO I got it last Sunday and within two evenings I had my first top!

I made size 38-40 but It felt a bit big on me, so the next time I left much smaller seam allowances, hardly any, and made the top about 5 cm shorter in length, and I got this.

They did not turn out as cute as in the link I gave but that's because I do not have the best knits for the pattern! But I'll get some!
I'm taking a break from tops for myself for the next month or so.
I need to make a couple of more dresses for my girls and start planning their costume for Purim!

I did make a bag!
But will write about it a little later :-)
so that's it for now!