Friday, January 6, 2012

Golf top from World Fashion Magazine

Hi there!
I still have a couple of things that I didn't blog about, and that deserve a post.
They all all from the past month, but from before I returned to work...
I really have no time to do anything these days. I hurry to work early in the morning, hurry to get the kids back after work, hurry to do all the chores at home after all the kids are asleep... (OK, not ALL the chores, but some I just have too...). If I finish it all in time, I let my self 'play' around for a short while...

These two tops are from a 'golf top' pattern from the Israeli Magazine 'World Fashion' number 2. I liked the top since I saw it, and it looks really simple.
In the magazine it appears with short sleeves, I made it twice, once with short sleeve with some lycra that was difficult for my machine to handle, and once with long sleeves, that I copied from another pattern that I have (the sleeves are wide at the bottom, I like it that way).
Here is the picture from the magazine.
Here are my versions of it

The pattern review
what can I say??? so easy!
Only 3 pattern pieces, very good explnantions and drawings...
Tne result has anice fit. The only issue I have is with arranging the collar nicely, I have troubles with it, it doesn't 'sit' on me ar evenly as on the model. I may need to pin something there, same as the model. WHat do you think?

Anyway, both these tops are from my faric stash, so I am good there.

I have some more to show... later. Babies are crying here...