Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Burda 9418 - for tweens

Hi All
We had Shavout two weeks ago.I needed white dresses for my daughters. For my 4 and 8 years old I didn't bother. I hate white clothes, they get dirty so quickly. I had dresses for them and didn't see the need of making more.
For my tween - well, she wanted a dress. I actually went looking for one. Most of what I saw in the stores was either.. well, not appropriate for her age, or very expensive. So I let her select a pattern, and went for it.
She chose Burda 9418.

I agreed. Thought it could be nice...
I chose view c, size 146cm, which is her almost exact height. I traced and cut, real easy. I followed the instructions, which are basically to attach everything together. it really is easy.
I used white stretch fabric with lace over it. I was afraid it will be boring.. too white. but it's really not!
For the bottom ruffle I used (following my daughter's suggestion) a pink stretch fabric.
Before I finished the sleeves and the neck I had her try it on, It was big, I guess about one size too big. I had to narrow all seams! I think I should have made size 140 with the length of 146. I am happy with the length.
After that the dress fut right on!
Here it is...
I like it. It's easy, modern, long enough and modest enough, and still grownup enough for her!
I wonder if it could pass as a Bat-Mitzva dress????