Thursday, January 27, 2011

Learning Crochet..

Well... I am trying to!
My mother knows how to knit, and she tried to teach me several times. I never learned! But now I have a good... great reason to try harder!
Here it comes... the explanation as to how come the blog was so slow lately...
I am pregnant... week 16 now!
It was not planned... The idea of a third child was a nice idea that my husband and I thought of... every so often, but could not make up our minds...
But it happened...
And I was happy at the idea. Very happy!
Imagine my surprise when the doctor accounced I am carrying TWINS!

It's been pretty difficult so far,I had several incidents that led me to believe I'm losing the pregnancy, and I was requested to rest as much as possible over these past two months... I have been working from home, good thing my boss allows me! I've been practically counting my steps to make sure I don't over do it... And having two girls at home... resting is NOT easy!
And I've been depressed, thinking I'm losing this pregnancy so often these past two months.

But I'm now starting week 16, and I hope so much that everything is OK! I still have many tests to do..
But... allowing myself to be optimistic, I hope to make it to the third trimester with two healthy babies... I've heard that in many twins pregnancies the mother is asked to remain in bed during the last trimester, so I thought this will be a great time learning to crochet...

I have tried it last night... not very successfully though. But I'll continue today. I'll get it eventually.. right?????

Now, just so you see I've been doing something (though very little), here is the pregnancy pants I made for myself. They are too big for me!!! But that's OK, as I plan and hope to fill them better real soon...
The pictures are lame, but the pants are OK, and once the doctor allows me to move a bit more, I plan on making more, they are very comfortable...
The pattern is Simplicity, and I promise... if and when I fill these pants better, I'll also write a proper review on these pants...

next time I hope to have some crochet (and many cakes... as my 4 years old girl's birthday is next week!) to show!


  1. Congratulations!! I'll be hoping for a healthy pregnancy for you and your two little blessings.

  2. What lovely news! So that was why you were so tired at the end of last year. I'll say some prayers for you all.

  3. Congratulations Michal! I think the discovery of twins is both exciting and daunting based on my friends' experiences. Look after yourself.

    Wow think of all those very cute Ottobre Design outfits you can make!

  4. Thank you all for your good wishes! I really hope to go through this entire pregnancy without any addtional issues!
    And yes... I do think of all these adorable clothes my 4 years is just too big for now... :-)

  5. Congratulations on your wonderful news, your girls must be so delighted too. I hope you will feel much better for the rest of your pregnancy.

  6. Only the best thoughts for you, for your twin bubs and your family to grow strong, healthy, & happy.