Thursday, August 30, 2012

back to school - KS 3519

I like Kwik Sew patterns, but they are usually pretty expensive, and I don't have many of them. One of the patterns that I have is 3519.

I chose this pattern because it looks great for school. Pants, but cool one. No zipper, no buttons, but still well fit (at least on the picture. And, from what I already know about KS patterns, good explanations.
That being said, I'm not sure my 8.5 years old can't handle zippers or buttons. She's old enough. Still, cute pants..
The pattern calls for pants fabric with a little bit of stretch. On my first attempt I used such a fabric, lightweight pants fabric with a little stretch. I followed the instructions closely, and they were great, very easy to follow.
I measured my daughter, and she's somewhere between M and L. So I made her M but I added a bit seam allowance. Since it was OK, even slightly roomy, I made my second attempt (heavy weight denim fabric with some Lycra) exactly size M.
Both turned out great.

I hope to have some time soon to make new year's dresses for the girls... but I doubt it. I have several projects in process, I must finish them first.
Bye for now!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Finally - a (real) quilt!

As I mentioned before, I love quilts! I admire the hard work and details invested into all quilts, the colors, the combinations... I watch and follow many quilts on blogland, admiring them all, and knowing that I could never make one, not a real one, anyhow.
By 'real one' I mean a real quilt, with some pattern, not just rectangles attached to each other. With quilt filling, with all the three layers of quilt.
I too lazy for that. I like instant products... I always choose easy clothing patterns. I know my limitations. This is why I knew I could never make a real quilt.
But than I saw in person some of my friend's work (for the Hebrew readers, I am referring to Irit from Irit B) and knew I have to try. So I did, just a little bit every time.. took me forever.
Now I am the proud owner of a cute little quilt, with filling, binding... everything. It's very small. will be a cute stroller blanket for a newborn... but I thought it's better to try a small quilt first. I LOVE it..
A few months ago a friend introduced me to the accuquilt Wow! what a great idea. Pricy, yes, but... Wow! I thought of it for several months then ordered it (as a present from my husband, he never picks up the correct things to buy to me, better I buy it and he can give me the gift box when the date comes).
So there will be more quilts. It's just a matter of time now! And now - only one more vacation day before school starts! Yes!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

a quick little post - skorts!

Well, the Summer is almost over. I can't wait... Everything seems so much more difficult when it's so hot outside!
We just returned from a short vacation neer the Cineret. It was so busy... the girls, even the twins, had a lot of fun, but my dh and myself.. we now need a vacation of our own.
But it's time to think of some back to school wordrobe, right? just two more weeks... Here's what I am planning:
1. two skorts for each one of the girls
2. 2 shorts each
3. 2 long pants each

And I started.
So far I made one skort each, and a matching doll dress. Skorts are a big success in my house. I like it and so do the girls. For the first skort I made my beloved old Emily for both.
Here's what I got.

I need more skorts for them, I'll be making some more, maybe from the Modkid swimming suit pattern. What do you think? would it work? (I'll be making it a bit longer, of course)
I also want another dress for myself. I baught two patterns, and I'm eager to try them. Also pants for myself.
and, yes, a quilt! I've started it so long ago, since I'm arriving at that frightenning stage of filling it, binding it... and I'm afraid because of all of the work that was already put into that top...
I guess I'll just have to try...
Hope you have a great time for the rest of the summer vacation...

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

a new bag... and more swimming suits

Hi all!
It's been very busy in here...
We had the twins birthday last month. I'm ashamed to say I made them nothing... well, except a cake. But really, they grow so fast (well, my little guy does, my little girl is very small for her age... I'm working very hard on getting her to gain some weight!), and they spit food all over their clothes...
I'll be making some clothes for them when they start walking...
In the meantime, I made them a cake.

This is the big summer vacation, I don't like this time of the year. Making sure all kids have "arrangments" for each day... But what can a working mother do?????
Anyway, this past week the girls visited their grandmother. Needless tosay, the house looks empty without them, without their toys and cloths all over..
But when the little ones go to sleep, I have time!!!
So here's what I made..
first of all, a new bag for myself.

The pattern is a FREE pattern, taken from Sweet Bee Buzzings. Look it over.. I didn't use the tutorial, but the pattern is great, and I really like the shape of the bag. (The blog has more cute things... Look it up!). I have another nag already cut, just waiting for me to sew it. I hope to get to it next week!

Then, I made two more swimming suits from the Modkid book. The ones I made before got used so much they lost almost all their color! what a shame!!!!
The first one I made last week, and my girl already tried it on..

and the one for my 5.5 years old... she will get it tomorrow, when they return home..

My current projects are:
1. skorts for my girls... several kinds this times.
2. Hats..
3. another bag
4. a quilt... yes, I have one in process and I MUST finish it before I go on!
That's it for now! Have a good wekk all!