Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Swimming suits

Hi all.. We are preparing for the Summer now... Last year I made Modkid swimming suits. Posted right here... Love that pattern
But the swimming suits from last year are still good.. so I thought I should make the new swimming suits using another pattern.
I chose this one. from YCMT. I was going for the ruffled one, but my girls feel they are too old for this. Can you believe it??? Too old for suffles????
Anyway, regarding this pattern.. I choose the higher range of sizes, thinking it's good.. it would be good for a couple of more years.. making the price of the pattern OK.
The pattern is nice, the instructions are very good... I made the basic suit and it turned out really nice, except that it was SMALL!
I started with size 10 for my 9.5 years old... it was so small... My girl is not tiny, not at all.. but she's not that big either. I gave my 6 years old the 10 sized suit and made the biggest size (14 I think) for my 9.5 years old. It was still too tight! I enlarged it a bit and made it the third time! This time the fabric made troubles, was very slinky and even my serger wouldn't sew it nice! and the result is a swimming suit that fit, and it looks OK,.. but when you look up close it doesn't look good.
It's a shame really, because I think the fabric is cute, good and well explained, but I kind of lost the motivation for it. I will probably try it again next year. but for this year those two suits will have to do:

I'll soon post on some dresses I need advice about.. and on the bridesmaids dresses for my girls...
Bye for now!

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  1. Too old for ruffles Noooooooo! ;-) The swimsuits look great, but what a pity the sizing was so off. I'm hoping to make some in the next few weeks for my daughter & myself, but I have never made them before!