Tuesday, May 6, 2014

tween sewing - Maria dress

Its Independence day here... Spring... Time for dresses!
This one dress both my tween and myself approved.. which doesn't happen too often. Usually her favorite dresses are too short or too tight for my taste...
I refer to The Maria Dress
I tried it the first time for my 10.5 years old. size 10... a sightly see through fabric. I than repeated twice more with black and white variations. I plan another dress, white one, for Shavoot. The picture fail to show how pretty these dresses are, and how great they fit my girl!

Than my 7 years old wanted such a dress too. The first version I made for her was was size 7. It was too big.. too long... didn't like it... I gave it a friend of hers, who is one year older, and the dress is a perfect fit for her. I than used the same size 7 that I traced but left out the middle part and narrowed just a bit the top parts.. This is what I got..
\ >
Pattern Review:
Amazing dress! so pretty... Two variations of the skirts... both my girls voted for the rectangle option as more "in".
The size goes up to 14, which means I have years more to enjoy the pattern, also a great bonus!
Can't tell about the instructions, since it is an easy pattern, really nothing complicated there.. Great success! Highly recommend!
Happy independence day!

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  1. What great dresses and fabric! They look great on your girls! Thanks for linking up!