Wednesday, May 28, 2014


I went shopping last Friday with a friend of mine. She lives right near me, but with the kids... we never meet! and we rarely shop together. This time we did and it was great.
I decided I need to follow up the fabrics that I buy, I will feel much better if I see a list of items made against the fabrics I bought.. I'll feel better for spending the money!
So here's the list of fabric that I bought this time...
These two first fabrics, white stretch and white lace, 1 meter of each, are meant for a Maria dress for Shavoot for my 7 years old.Bought them from "Kairi fabrics" for 25 NIS the lace and 20 the white stretch fabric.

also from this store I got these pretty stretch fabrics, 2 metes of the pine (I think...), 2.5 from the dotted blue, (meant for a dress for me... what d you say? too young???) and 2 meters from the floral pink... each meter for 20 shekels.. I think. Hope I remember well!
These fabrics are from "Habait Shel Silvi". I love the fabrics there... The floral denim I had doubts abouts.. it's 1.5 meters for 35 NIS. It took me awhile but now I think it'll be a pretty shorts for my girls...
The red fabric is.. I am not sure what, also from the same store, about a meter, got it for 10 shekels. looks like it'll be also good for shorts. The purple one.. it's a jersey. also 1.5 meters for 35 NIS... will make a top for myself.

The next fabrics are from Kashi. Also one of my favorite stores. The denim is black, with stretch.. I think I bought 2 meters (25 shekels each meter). the floral baby cord is a leftover, I think it'll make the cutest shorts for my one of the girls, and it cost only 10 shekels.

The next three fabrics are just cute stuff I found, don't recall the names of the stores. The floral is swimsuit fabric. will be good for something. it's a thick lycra.. 15 shekels per meter (I go only 1 meter). The denim is with some stretch, I think it cost 20 Shekels per meter. (again, I got only 1 meter).The last one is ruffle fabric. Last year I made from a similar fabric sleeveless tops for my 10 years old and for me, it was great. I think I will make more of those...

Ok then, I think this time all the fabric that I got have a project intended for them. I hope by the end of the Summer to display for each item what was made of it, and conclude.. well, that it was worth the money and that I really should go shopping again!!!

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