Monday, September 27, 2010

Burda 9652 - baby boy romper

My sister in law is pregnant, with a boy. She's one great person, and I thought of making several baby boy clothes for her. I thought if I started now, 4 months in advance, I'll have the time to make many many things...
I chose this pattern

The pattern starts from size 68 cm (6 months), so this is what I did... only it was HUGE! far too big for a 6 months old baby (as I recall it... it's been while!).
So I added to the pants a 5 cm band of denim.. and it is a perfect fit for my sister's one year old baby boy...

So I'm happy with the result... But I need to look for some other baby pattern for my sister in law...

The patten review:
size: starts from 68 cm, but it is very big. my sister's son (one year old) is a big baby, and the fit on him (the 68 cm, the smallest size) (except the length, I added some) is good. it is even a bit too wide...
Instructions: didn't need them.. it is such an easy pattern (I made view b)
changes from the original design: I omitted the back pockets, and I put bottons on the shoulder straps. I also added to the length because I wanted it to be for the winter.
Likes: easy and cute...
fabric used: baby corderoy, denim on the pocket and on the pants extention.
conclusions: I would recommand this pattern, even to beginners, as it is very cute and easy. But - note the size issues!!!

well, off to find a good NB pattern!

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  1. I love the fabric you chose!

    I might check back and see what NB pattern you found. There are babies everywhere at the moment.