Friday, August 27, 2010

My guide to Elodie

Yesterday I showed my Elodie dresses...
As I wrote, I had some issues with the photo tutorials by Farbenmix, so I did my own.
This is how I did it...
I am sure there are more options... but this one worked for me, and since the Farbenmix photo toturials didn't help me much, I am uploading my bersion - It might help someone, and it will sure help me when I make this dress next time (which is next week, as I was asked to make it as a birthday gift for my kid's friend).
SO here goes:
The sleeve
I thought the sleeve should be gathered. It is a symmetrical piece (back and front), one edge is a little more curved then the other, I treated the other one (the less curved, and also the one that has marks on it) as the end edge of the sleeve. I chose to put elastics in it to gather it a little.

attcach the sleeve the back

top stitch it

repeat for the second sleeve

attach the sleeves to the front part

top stitch

sew the upper part sides together to finish the sleeves

top stitch

now. gather the lower part (I used two parallel long stitches for that) and you get this:

now prepare the lower part - just sew all panels of the lower part:

attach the uppoer and lower parts.., and elbalish (I placed a ribbon on)

all that's left now it to put on the zipper and put the elastic on the neck.I put the xipper on, then I used bias tape around the neck to create a tunnel for the elastics. I didn't document this part well so words is all I can offer at this stage..
Now embalish and finish...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Finally - The Elodie!

I saw this pattern several months ago in the Farbenmix blog page - Loved it since the very first moment...
I made it, twice, for the coming new year's eve.
The first time was difficult. I tried to use these photo toturials, here, here and here
I couldn't understand the details - such as what side of the sleeve goes where (there is one side that is a bit more curved..), if the sleeve is gathered or not...
Anyway - I tried and tried and got a way to make it, and it is PRETTY!
Now, I am sure there are more ways to do it, but I took some pictures and I intend to put them in a document, because I know I'll be making this dress next summer for sure!
I made the simple version,
here it is -

The fisrt version is from a very fluid fabic, not sure what it is exactly..

The second is from quilting cotton

Isn't it lovely?
I'll post a good pattern review next week, because there's a lot to write, and we are going on vacation early tomorrow morning...
but I can say in short - another MUST HAVE pattern by farbenmix!

see you next week!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Some back to school sewing....

Well, It is not really back to school, it is more - getting ready for school.. my big girl is about to start the first grade in a week.
Now, in her new school - the pupils have to wear school shirts, but I think (hope...) that they can wear either pants or skirts.
Now, Lady H has many many skirts, but she really did outgrew most of them lately, and she barely has pants without a zipper, which is what I prefer to send her with to school.
So here's what I made for her:
6 spirals Redondo
I have made this skirt so many times... really, I think it is my most used pattern! But I always made it one color. Now I made it with two colurs and added a spiral, so I'll have an even number of spirals.
Here's what I got

a little review
I already posted once a full review on patternReview right here, but I want to add a few words for the 6 spirals redondo..
well - it has a lovely effect! It doesn't change much the skirt... meaning - it doesn't cause any problem.. except it a bit too big. I think I could have avoid adding seam allowance

Then I made the neat beat pants from Ottobre

I made a very simple pair of stretch jeans. I added some buttons for embalishments. But in the next pants I'll make (and I will.. as it is a very easy pattern!) I will emblaish it with some ebroidery.
here are the pictures. Lady H loves these pants, she says they are 'bratz' pants... well, THAT wasn't on my mind when I made them... :-)

For the pattern review...
I made size 122-128 for lady H, and it's a bit too big.So I found myself having to add elastics to the front band. I almost didn't stretch it, but I needed it there for extra support...
I followed the instructions closely, without understanding how it will be.. and they turned fine. I usually make a leg, then another, then attach the two.Here the construction starts from the inner leg, then the crouch, and the outer leg is almost the last on the list. now I get what they did... but this is not the simple pants patterns that a beginner can make without the instructions, and brief as they are, the instructions for this pattern were good enough!

Next up - The ELODIE - what a pretty pattern! I already made two dresses.. just need to take pretty pictures!

Bye for now!

Friday, August 13, 2010

my first "real" skirt - Butterick 5042

I have a friend that wears skirts. Lots and lots of skirts. and she looks great in them.
I, on the other hand, wear pants. only pants.
But I thought of trying...
I chose Butterick 5042, which looks so nice!

Isn't it a pretty skirt? I reminds of the Redondo by Studio Tantrum, which I LOVE and made many times for my girls. Now that I think of it, I need to make more!

Anyhow - b5042 is a swirl skirt, in three lengthes. I made at fist view B, medium length. No, it didn't look good!
I then chose view A (knee length) size 12. It was too big. still no good.
I then made size 10.
twice already.
First version is from quilting cotton

Second is from a more flowing fabric. I think it is a better choice for this type of skirt.

Apologies for the bad pictures.. poor lighting and poor camera (not to mention my pictures taking skills..) all combined...

I actually like these skirts. A lot!
I wore them a couple of times. I still feel weird wearing skirts.. as if I pretending to be someone I'm not... But I hope to get over it!

a few comments:
1. Sizing - I think I am size 12 (below my waist) but I made size 10 here... so I think this pattern runs big.. I'm not sure since this is my first skirt pattern.
2. zipper, wasn't that bad...
3. finishing - I used my serger.. two difficult any other ways.
4. I used a button rather then whatever closing the pattern call for.
5. Important note when cuttong - the pattern pieces are NOT cut on the fold. the skirt pattern piece is cut 4 times on the righh side of the fabric! (I actually drafted it twice to make it easier and placed one piece inside the other to save fabric. kind of like this

Except these are pieces of the Laguna skirt (again, Studio Tantrum, need to make this skirt again too!), but the principe is the same - place one pattern piece inside the other one...

We have a new family member at home. a new puppy, very sweet... name Chicka. Pictures soon...

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Mccall 6074 - the top version

Well, to be exact, I did try the dress first. It just didn't work for me!
First - this is the pattern...

I baught it as soon as I saw it... I mean - it looks great, right? yea, on the models! I just couldn't make it work for me.
I has several issues - for my first try I selected a heavy knit, I think this is why the gathering in the front didn't look good!
But I also have a probelm with the facing. The pattern is constructed of three pieces only - front, back and band for the gathering. for a nice finish you have to fold the neck and arm opening, don't know... it doesn't seem as nice to me, and it's trickier. I guess more experiences sewers will have no problems there though.
Anyway, after the unsuccessful try, I put the pattern aside, but over the next two months I kept seeing great reviews of this dress in patternReview.
So I tried again, a top this time, with several modification.
First - I made sure to use thin fabric, to make sure the gathers will look cute.
Then I changed the order of the construction - I put together the two front parts, and the two back parts. I then sewed the shoulders together, tried it on to mark where I want the gathers to be, I then gathered the front, and finished the side seams.
I drafted facing parts for both the neck and arm opening (well - for the arm opening it's just a strip of fabric...). and I did facing instead of folding the fabric.
Since it was too short (it was a muslin) I had to add some white lace to the bottom of the top..
Here's what I have

Now, I did make more stuff. Some of them I never get to upload here... but here's a little thing I made and made my Lady H very happy...

I used Farbenmix Olivia. which I love! My girl likes it as a night dress.

On a non sewing related note... we are having very hot days here! I really hate that summer camps and the big vacation are in the Summer (silly, I know! ), I have tto bring the girls every day to a different Summer activity, some are outside in the type of whether that I think people should be close to air conditions...
Can't wait for the begining of the school year.
In the meantime, this evening, my little one has her farewell party from her kindergarten. After two years there she'll start 'big kids kindergarten' in September, so it's really a goodbye... kind of sad.
They are having Pirates party, so I made them (at my girl's request) 'Dora the Pirate' cake:

I planned to make a list of everything I did this month... but it'll have to wait. But I can list here everything I plan to make the coming month... I'm good with plans! :-)
1. swimsuit for my niece (I promised.. two months ago!)
2. pants for my mother (she asked for it)
3. bag for a friend (I really want to make her one )
4. another bag for myself (ok, no good reason for this one)
5. dress for a friend of Lady H (her mom asked for one as a birthday gift)
6. two dresses for new year's eve for my girls.
7. cute romper for my sister's son
Do you see that there's a LOT in this list... and nothing is clothing for myself...
Well, I hope to manage all of these stuff. We'll see!