Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Some back to school sewing....

Well, It is not really back to school, it is more - getting ready for school.. my big girl is about to start the first grade in a week.
Now, in her new school - the pupils have to wear school shirts, but I think (hope...) that they can wear either pants or skirts.
Now, Lady H has many many skirts, but she really did outgrew most of them lately, and she barely has pants without a zipper, which is what I prefer to send her with to school.
So here's what I made for her:
6 spirals Redondo
I have made this skirt so many times... really, I think it is my most used pattern! But I always made it one color. Now I made it with two colurs and added a spiral, so I'll have an even number of spirals.
Here's what I got

a little review
I already posted once a full review on patternReview right here, but I want to add a few words for the 6 spirals redondo..
well - it has a lovely effect! It doesn't change much the skirt... meaning - it doesn't cause any problem.. except it a bit too big. I think I could have avoid adding seam allowance

Then I made the neat beat pants from Ottobre

I made a very simple pair of stretch jeans. I added some buttons for embalishments. But in the next pants I'll make (and I will.. as it is a very easy pattern!) I will emblaish it with some ebroidery.
here are the pictures. Lady H loves these pants, she says they are 'bratz' pants... well, THAT wasn't on my mind when I made them... :-)

For the pattern review...
I made size 122-128 for lady H, and it's a bit too big.So I found myself having to add elastics to the front band. I almost didn't stretch it, but I needed it there for extra support...
I followed the instructions closely, without understanding how it will be.. and they turned fine. I usually make a leg, then another, then attach the two.Here the construction starts from the inner leg, then the crouch, and the outer leg is almost the last on the list. now I get what they did... but this is not the simple pants patterns that a beginner can make without the instructions, and brief as they are, the instructions for this pattern were good enough!

Next up - The ELODIE - what a pretty pattern! I already made two dresses.. just need to take pretty pictures!

Bye for now!


  1. The pants look great!

    If I make a redondo with six spirals, I leave off the seam allowance.

    Can't wait to see your Elodie. I have my pattern now. I really need to make one up before it gets warm here.

  2. They both look great! I have been tinkering with fabrics for the Redondo. As soon as things calm down around here I am going to get busy sewing again! Back to school is so crazy! Thanks for inspiring me!

  3. The skirt and trousers both look fabulous!