Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Megan dress

My 6 years old... well, she didn't NEED a new dress, but as her older sister refuses to wear dresses at the time, and her younger sister is not walking steady enough to wear dresses yet.. she got two new dresses!

The pattern is The Megan Dress...
I got it from here... Isn't it pretty? and here's what I made of it...

The first version is from quilting cotton.
The second version is made out of denim...
Pattern review:
what a great pattern! So easy to make... so pretty! The dress is twirly enough to satisfy my girl, easy, because there is no need for zipper or buttons. I know I'll have plenty of use of this pattern in the years to come, I already traced the pattern for my little one. I pln to start dressing her with dressses this summer.
The sizing is great. I made size 5 for my 6 years old, and it fits really well. The instructions are very detailed and clear. I LOVE everything about this dress, and I highly recommand it!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

a long time.. again!

I lost my camera over a month ago, my little boy threw some bread to the fish when we were on a trip, he got so thrilled he tried to throw his bottle too. I heroically jumped to save the bottle... but then my camera fell to the fish...

Can that explain why I didn't blog for such a long time???

I keep postponing blogging, because I really don't have the time to tell the whole story of what I made, how I made it, and how I feel about it.

But lately I've been using some old patterns again, and I realized that having a place with a full review of the pattern, notes to myself and pictures... well, it helps, because though I remember the stuff I made, after several years I may not remember for each pattern how good it was, or what conclusions I had for it when it was still 'fresh'.

So I decided that even if I don't have time, I can still upload a picture and write some notes about the pattern.

So, I can show some of the stuff I made lately

first - cakes, my girl turned 9!!! She's a young lady now, she almost broke my heart lately, told me that she no longer wants to wear dresses!!!! She'll return to dress though, right????? when she's a bit older????
And when did she get so 'old'????? She was a baby not so long ago!
And this one is for sister's son, he celebrated his birthday yesterday..
Now, some sewing
The pattern is Simplicity 2018
I made it twice...

The first version is roomy, but not too roomy. I made size 8 which is usually my size and the fit is good. The fabric is light weight and very stretchy. I need to take care when I lean that nothing is shown, but it's not too revealing.
This version is from a heavy weight jersey. Pretty fabric, deep purple... not very stretchy. I thought of making the top a bit narrower this time, good thing I didn't, because it's very tight as is. Here are my conclusions for future reference..
Great top,If I make it with heavy weight fabric I should make it a bit wider.
The instructions are VERY easy and clear, and it looks special, not your regular T.
Love it, will make it again, for sure!

I made some more items, but since I was without a camera I don't have pictures yet... Hopefully soon!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

a lot to post about

but barely any time...
We had the holidays, long and busy. we had friends over or traveled practically everyday. Much more exhausting than going to work! Traveling with four kids, two of them babies that refuse to stay in their stroller, is difficult.
So I don't feel too bad for not being around.
And I wasn't. I didn't follow my blogs, nor did I check pinterest. I have so much to check now, to go back and see what I've missed, but I'm not sure I can keep up!
I created very little. Originally I thought of posting each project in its own post, but this will take too long.

So here comes - my latest projects with just a couple of words on each.
First - my KS pants, I promised a picture. But still not a good review, as I want to try it again and upgrade it a bit this time.

Second, my second 'real' quilt. This one is much bigger than the one I made before, It's big enough for my almost 6 years old, and it'll be good for the coming winter.

She loves and so do I.
But it was difficult for me. I promised my 9 years old a quilt and I'm not sure I can handle it. I mean, I can make the top, but sewing the three layers together... was very difficult.
I will not expand it much longer except for to say I'm proud of it!

And last... remember I wrote that from now on I will sew only patterns I'm excited about? Well, I saw this one on etsy. Viviene skirt. And I fell in love... I thought of it for awhile. I mean, it's pricey! and my girls really don't need any more skirts. I thought of it long and hard, and I bought it.
And here my girls model their new skirts

And a pattern review:
I made it twice. I sized my daughters and made size 9 for my 9 years old and size 6 for my 5.5 years old. It's a bit big. I should have come down a size for my 9 years old and maybe also for my 5.5 years old. But it's not bad.
The directions are great, nothing to get mixed up, really wonderful, detailed, great photos.
Fabrics: for my 9 years old I selected quilting cotton for the inner skirt and light weight denim for the outer layer.
For my 5.5 I used quilting cotton for both layers. Both versions look great..
Changes from the original design... No, I don't think I changed anything.
Nothing much to add.. I think it's a special looking design, With elastic on the waist this skirt is both nice and comfortable.
I'm pretty sure I'll make it again, sometime... It's worth it! I hope to post soon!

Monday, September 24, 2012

new year...

New year…
Well, it’s not as if I did nothing these past few weeks, but I did very little. Not because I didn’t want too.
Still, it seems that I can’t find the time these days, and when I finally get to my hobbies I’m so tired…
On top of that, some of my latest “sewing adventures” lately have been a big fat failure!!!
For example – I made the adorable Redondo for my 9 years old…

Isn’t it pretty? I made this skirt so many time before.. always a big hit!
But this time… when she wore it the first time the fabric started to tear…

Note, it’s not the stitch that tore, it’s near it!

I understood (I asked around in the Israeli sewing forum) that the problem is the fabric. That it’s suitable for a different kind of garments, something that is less tight probably, and should have interfaced…
What a big disappointment!

Following I tried this Kwiq sew pattern for pants for myself. (I'll post soon about it, with pictures)
As I rarely ever sew pants for myself, I measured carefully and selected the size. It was HUGE!!!! I took down a lot, from all seams… then tried it again. It looked better this time, but nowhere close to the nice pants I wanted.
Still, now that I got the size right I may try it again, add some pants and ‘upgrade’ it a bit. Then I’ll post a review.
And a new quilt.. still in process (pictures will be available soon). I promised my girls a new blanket each, and I started with my 5.5 years old, as her blanket will be smaller. Wow, so many hours were invested in this (still unfinished) quilt, and it’s not as successful as I planned it. The part of stitching all three layers together – so difficult!
I will have to get some manual guidance with that from a friend, otherwise no way I’ll succeed to accomplish another quilt for my 9 years old!
The one successful item I made is this cake for my 3 years old nephew.

All these disappointments led me to an important decision…
No more ‘Practical’ sewing! No more ‘no fun’ tasks! What do I mean???
All those items I’m making because I can, not because I want!
All those ‘fixes’ or items I make for friends because they asked me too, and I felt bad to say no!
All those items that I’m NOT excited to start.
All of these – no more!!!
From now on, I see a dress pattern I like for the girls… Make it! So what if they already have too many dresses??? So what???
I see some cute pants???? A cute simple (small!!!) quilt pattern????
I don’t need those to be practical. I need to WANT to sew them!
And as for those ‘practical' items that I need (yes, pants for myself included, simple T shirts, even bags and purses) - buy them!!!!!
I hope I’ll keep this new decision, I want my hobby to keep being fun, I want to feel excited about the items I make. Otherwise, it becomes just another task in a day full of tasks as it is…
Happy new year all!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

back to school - KS 3519

I like Kwik Sew patterns, but they are usually pretty expensive, and I don't have many of them. One of the patterns that I have is 3519.

I chose this pattern because it looks great for school. Pants, but cool one. No zipper, no buttons, but still well fit (at least on the picture. And, from what I already know about KS patterns, good explanations.
That being said, I'm not sure my 8.5 years old can't handle zippers or buttons. She's old enough. Still, cute pants..
The pattern calls for pants fabric with a little bit of stretch. On my first attempt I used such a fabric, lightweight pants fabric with a little stretch. I followed the instructions closely, and they were great, very easy to follow.
I measured my daughter, and she's somewhere between M and L. So I made her M but I added a bit seam allowance. Since it was OK, even slightly roomy, I made my second attempt (heavy weight denim fabric with some Lycra) exactly size M.
Both turned out great.

I hope to have some time soon to make new year's dresses for the girls... but I doubt it. I have several projects in process, I must finish them first.
Bye for now!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Finally - a (real) quilt!

As I mentioned before, I love quilts! I admire the hard work and details invested into all quilts, the colors, the combinations... I watch and follow many quilts on blogland, admiring them all, and knowing that I could never make one, not a real one, anyhow.
By 'real one' I mean a real quilt, with some pattern, not just rectangles attached to each other. With quilt filling, with all the three layers of quilt.
I too lazy for that. I like instant products... I always choose easy clothing patterns. I know my limitations. This is why I knew I could never make a real quilt.
But than I saw in person some of my friend's work (for the Hebrew readers, I am referring to Irit from Irit B) and knew I have to try. So I did, just a little bit every time.. took me forever.
Now I am the proud owner of a cute little quilt, with filling, binding... everything. It's very small. will be a cute stroller blanket for a newborn... but I thought it's better to try a small quilt first. I LOVE it..
A few months ago a friend introduced me to the accuquilt Wow! what a great idea. Pricy, yes, but... Wow! I thought of it for several months then ordered it (as a present from my husband, he never picks up the correct things to buy to me, better I buy it and he can give me the gift box when the date comes).
So there will be more quilts. It's just a matter of time now! And now - only one more vacation day before school starts! Yes!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

a quick little post - skorts!

Well, the Summer is almost over. I can't wait... Everything seems so much more difficult when it's so hot outside!
We just returned from a short vacation neer the Cineret. It was so busy... the girls, even the twins, had a lot of fun, but my dh and myself.. we now need a vacation of our own.
But it's time to think of some back to school wordrobe, right? just two more weeks... Here's what I am planning:
1. two skorts for each one of the girls
2. 2 shorts each
3. 2 long pants each

And I started.
So far I made one skort each, and a matching doll dress. Skorts are a big success in my house. I like it and so do the girls. For the first skort I made my beloved old Emily for both.
Here's what I got.

I need more skorts for them, I'll be making some more, maybe from the Modkid swimming suit pattern. What do you think? would it work? (I'll be making it a bit longer, of course)
I also want another dress for myself. I baught two patterns, and I'm eager to try them. Also pants for myself.
and, yes, a quilt! I've started it so long ago, since I'm arriving at that frightenning stage of filling it, binding it... and I'm afraid because of all of the work that was already put into that top...
I guess I'll just have to try...
Hope you have a great time for the rest of the summer vacation...

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

a new bag... and more swimming suits

Hi all!
It's been very busy in here...
We had the twins birthday last month. I'm ashamed to say I made them nothing... well, except a cake. But really, they grow so fast (well, my little guy does, my little girl is very small for her age... I'm working very hard on getting her to gain some weight!), and they spit food all over their clothes...
I'll be making some clothes for them when they start walking...
In the meantime, I made them a cake.

This is the big summer vacation, I don't like this time of the year. Making sure all kids have "arrangments" for each day... But what can a working mother do?????
Anyway, this past week the girls visited their grandmother. Needless tosay, the house looks empty without them, without their toys and cloths all over..
But when the little ones go to sleep, I have time!!!
So here's what I made..
first of all, a new bag for myself.

The pattern is a FREE pattern, taken from Sweet Bee Buzzings. Look it over.. I didn't use the tutorial, but the pattern is great, and I really like the shape of the bag. (The blog has more cute things... Look it up!). I have another nag already cut, just waiting for me to sew it. I hope to get to it next week!

Then, I made two more swimming suits from the Modkid book. The ones I made before got used so much they lost almost all their color! what a shame!!!!
The first one I made last week, and my girl already tried it on..

and the one for my 5.5 years old... she will get it tomorrow, when they return home..

My current projects are:
1. skorts for my girls... several kinds this times.
2. Hats..
3. another bag
4. a quilt... yes, I have one in process and I MUST finish it before I go on!
That's it for now! Have a good wekk all!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mccall 6062

Just a quick little post to show I'm still here.. still creating (thought far less than I wish).
People who follow my blog already know of my great affection to peasant dresses. I made Tini so many times...
So I wanted some more of these dresses... really, they are always pretty, no zippers, no buttons... fun, fun, fun!

Except, I could not find the pattern. I know I have it... but I don't know where exactly... (yes, I need to work on my house keeping and order... I am really lousy at it!)
So I decided not to waste valuable crafting time... I decided to try Mccall6062

I only had sizes 6-8.. I made size 6 for my 5.5 years old, and size 8 for my 8.5 years old. Here're my two cents about the pattern:
1. so easy! like all peasant dresses...
2. very roomy, which is good I guess because both dresses will fit next year for sure, probably even the year after that.
3. pretty long skirt... I might make it a little shorter next time.. and I left the ruffle out!

Changes I made:
1. I left the ruffle out... I wanted quick cute little dresses.. for regular summer days, not too fancy...
2. I didn't make two layers for the skirt part.. The summer here is VERY hot! instead, I cut the inner skirt part, and made it shorted and added to it a band in contrast fabric.
3. The dress view doesn't call for any elastic in the waist, I added some when attaching the band, because the dress would have been a bit shapeless otherwise...

I meant to take some really great pictures.. with matching hair bands, etc. But in the meantime this is what I have...

I hope you like it! My girls do... and I like it also... I strongly recommend, there is nothing easier then this type of dresses, always so cute!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My girl has an opinion of her own now...

First, I've been meaning to post this for at least two weeks.... but I've got a lot going on now, no time to breath...
And it's gone get worse before it gets better, probably.
I'm about to switch jobs (probably, haven't signed the contract yet). It took some time and effort to find this new job, not everyoe is happy to hire a mother of four.. (why?????? so unfair!), and it'll require a lot of dedication from me to prove that I can do it. I will not have a lot of time to craft soon.

I hope I'm doing the right thing...

Anyway, I've gathered quite a few things I want to blog about! (not all of them now, because I really don't have the time now to expand as I want to).

First, this little romper. I don't like rompers. At a certain age, when a toddler is out of diapers, a romper just makes life harder.
But my girl is almost 9 years old. And rompers are IN right now (yes, IN! they are ELEGANT!)
So I made her one.
I looked for a pattern with closed back (for sun protection), no ties, no back zipper or buttons (so she can ware it on her own).
Here's what I got

The pattern is from etsy.

The pattern review:

Great explanations, very easy pattern.
The one thing that was a bit difficult is to place the waist elastics evenly.
Changes from the original design
1. The pattern calls for sewing with elastic thread for the waist gathers. I don't like elastic thread, so I sewed in elastic instead.
2. I didn't do that - but if I make it again, I'll use the pattern but cut it to two poarts - one for the uppoer part, one for the bottom. This will enable both using two fabrics, and prevent the need to place the wait elastic (I'll put in the elastic, of course, but on the seam that connects both parts. Am I making myself clear???) 3. I narrowed the upper part a bit, it is very big even now though...
My girl really likes this romper. She says it's comfortable and pretty. I'm glad, but if I find another romper pattern that is more fit (less roomy and casual) I may have to try it...

On to another issue...
almost two months ago my husband and I celebrated our 10 years Anniversary! How about that!!! After some hints (OK, I sent him the link :-)) he baught me this cute little thing...
I know, I don't really quilt, but really, it's because I can't think of cutting all those little shapes. I want to quilt!
I hope I use it a lot! (I have a quilt in progress now)

So I started with just a little project, just to get the taste of it...

Cute, right?????

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Jamie dress... Yes, another one for me!

Dressing up the girls... Spring is here... I figured it is time for me to get some new clothes too... And this time I wanted a dress.

Unfortunately, I rarely wear dresses, I love seeing them, I love to have them, but I rarely wear them. A dress for me is not a casual or work outfit, only special occasion...

So I baught several dress patterns (as if I don't have enough already) and had real trouble deciding which one to use first. As always when troubled... I avoided decision. Then I sew the Jamie dress on the net.

I had to have it!
Forgive the pictures, my 5 years old took them..

This is my first attempt. I followed the instructions to the letter. I used my waist measurements in order to figure out the size I needed, which is Large, but I took the shoulder straps as Medium. It came out too wide... but totally wearable, don't you think?

So I tried again. This time with some changes. I took out a bit from the waist strap, the front and the back. I did NOT make the folds in the waist strap, because I wanted some other features there (the black ribbons), and I also didn't cut the shoulder straps on the fold (frankly, I didn't have enough fabric). This is what I came out with..

I know, the zipper is shown, I need to iron and fix that. But it fits nicely, don't you think? I'm happy with the dress. Now, let's see... when will I wear it???

The Pattern Review:

Instructions - great! The pictures are great, every step is well explained and photographed.
The fit - It took me two attempts to get it right, but then again, the brown dress, though a bit wide, is very comfortable and nice and I will wear it...
The sizing: I think the pattern goes up tp XX or mayne even XXX.
Will I sew it again? not sure, I already have two dresses, and I don't wear too many dresses as is... but I will keep it. Maybe a few years from now one of my daughters will want one :-)

So, go make a dress too!!!