Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Encinitas - and a new decision...

First... my decision...
Hard as it is, I've decicided to stop buying fabric and patterns until I make better use of what I have.
I think it is called 'sewing from stash'... right? Stash of fabric and patterns.
There will be exceptions, I suppose, (for example, I hardly have any nice stretch fabric at the moment...) but I'll try to limit it. The reason is both the ecomony and the limited space in my closet...
So, all of the projects I am currently doing are from my fabric stash, and when it is reduced I'll have the pleasure of buying again... I can't wait!

Now, The Encinitas... I wasn't sure about this pattern... still not sure. But my 8 years old loves it...

The patterns arrives only in German, but it's not difficult. It is basically a regular peasent top with a 'leaf' skirt. There are two layers to the skirt, the inside one is sewed as usual, the outer one has pockets (not visual in my pictures), but you could just as easily leave the pockets out and that would make it a really easy and quick little dress.
I finished the wo layers of the skirt with bias tape, which makes it a bit 'jumpy'. My dd loves the effect.
I'm not sure how I feel about this dress. It is special, sure, and twirly, and my 5 years old already asked for a dress 'just like this one' too... so for the girls it's a success. But something doesn't look right to me, not sure what. If I do it again I'll lengthen the top part, I think it is a bit too short, and I may leave the pockets out.

This dress is all from stash fabric... so I'm OK so far!

I'm returning to work tomorrow morning... I guess my limited crafting time will be far more limited then...

Till next time then.. :-)

Monday, December 19, 2011

new beginings...

Well, I was away again... but this time I have the best excuse... I really had no computer.
I was informed about a month ago, that the company (a startup) I worked in for the past 5 years, was sold.. that's great news of course.. for the share holders. Not so much for me. It means looking for a new job...
So, I had to return my computer, hence my limited computer access, and worry about finding a new job.
I will start my new job in two weeks, in Tel Aviv. That's pretty far from my home, I hope I will be able to do that... I worry about seeing my babies for only 3 hours before they go to sleep... not being able to do anything with my girls...
well, work is a MUST at this stage of our lives... I'll just need to make it work, right???
On the good side, I think I'll be able 2-3 times a year to travel after work to Nahalt Binyamin, the fabric street of Israel.... Up until now it was ajust too far, took months of arrangements.. but when I work 20 minutes from there... :-)

But in the meantime, I made quiet a few things. Some deaseve a post of their own, as they are new patterns Ive tried, but some are just old stuff I made again.
For example - This bag is made according this Simplicity 2396, which I already made several times. see here for example. I made it again, this time a bigger version, as I will need a space for a book, now that I'll have to take the train to get to work... and I added a zipper to fully close the bag, so nothing can fall out.

I also made a new Jalie sweetheart top for myself... But I made a mistake, I didn't follow the instructions (I thought I remembered them so well...) so it looks a little different, but I like it! The sleeves turned out a little short, so I think I'll cut it to be a short sleeve top pretty soon..

I made some more stuff, but I think those deserve their own entry... So I'll finish with this adorable pictures... don't you think???

I hope that now, when I have a computer, I can blog more often, and more important - keep track of what haooens in the sewing world, in other blogs!!!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Burda 11-08-139 - two new jumpers

I have made it before, about two years ago.. before this blog existed, but you can look at the pattern review right here...
So I made it twice more last month, as it is so easy and great with a top under it for the winter...
made it out of baby cord.

I like it... Not too much, so they can wear it anywhere, but not too casual.

I will back at work in a month... I feel pretty bad about it, but I need to get back to life...
I suppose I will have time for nothing then, so I have huge plans for the coming month, I plan on making my self two more winter tops, I plan on one more dress for each girl, and a big bag for myself.
I wonder if I'll manage it all...

That's it for now...

Friday, November 18, 2011

The search for the best winter dress...

There is really no problem in the summer, right? There are so many great dress patterns other there... you just have to choose.
On the winter, however...
Both my big girls were born in the winter... and a girl must have a special dress for her birthday, right? So, I have been looking for long sleeve dress patterns... well, forever.
Three years ago I made by 8 years old (back then she was 5) a long sleeve dress from Ottobre.

Looking at this picture... I may make this dress again.
I then looked for more. Didn;t fund any that looked good to me.
Og course, jumpers are veru good for the winter, but it requires me to make sure thereis a close fitting, color-matching, top under it, which I don;t always have available...
But I have used Farbenmix Sasha made out of baby cord and Farbenix Feliz several times and winter dresses.
I even tried to make the sleeves of my Tini pattern longer

but none of these.. though I did like them all, became my favorite winter dress pattern... The problem is that they are all very fency, while a winter dress should be warmer, more comfortable.
Until last month I came across Henrika!!!
Don't know how come I missed it until now!
Ignore the faces of the girls... I was in a hurry to take pictures... though the girls were in a really bad mode..

As with most Farbenmix patterns.. there are so many examples over the net, hard not to get inspired.. and I have little to add, except that I followed an example I saw on the net and made the dress out of stretch fabric, making the dress so easy to sew and easy to wear!
I just need to get my hands on more patterned stretch fabric.
I like that it is a great casual winter dress. and yet, endless combinations...
I hope to have better pictures soon...

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tennis skirt and some cakes..

My girl turned 8 today!!! what a young lady!
Lately she has displayed signs that maybe these dresses I love so are not always her first choice... I mean, she still loves them, but she sometimes prefers wearing more 'adult' clothes (can you believe it??? I don't remembr myself at that age caring so much about my outfit...). I do not always approve... I wouldn't let her walk around with clothes that are too revealing, but some clothes I do approve of.
So, when I so the tennis skirt (see here) in the new Israeli fashion magazine, I thought this is something we'll both like.
Now... I had a problem. The second issue of the magazine is great. really great. It has plenty of girls patterns that I will make. Not so great for me for women' patterns, as I am not pregnant and since the styles there just don't fit me.
But -as girls clothes go, the sizes are given by numbers, and not by height as I am used to. So I chose size 8 for my 8 years old girl.
After I cut the parts, I realized the belt is about 5cm too short for my girl... I should have chosen size 10 probably. But since I already cut it all, I decided to cut only the belt again... longer this time, and make it work.
SO I have a cute skirt... but sinze it is the wrong size, it is too short.
Here's the outcome..

I need to make it again, size 10 this time... because I think it's a great little pattern with a great potential! I'll report back on that!

Tomorrow is the party, and for the past week, every nap the babies had - I made some progress with the cakes..
Here are the birthday cakes...

My wonderful big girl - Happy birthday!!!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

getting ready for winter... yellow fleece!

I bought this great yellow fleece last month when I was fabric shopping with a friend. I could see my little one is in the bright yellow.. though this is one color I don't usually sew...

This is a mix up of different patterns.
The Poncho is from the new Israeli sewing magazine, 'World Pattern'. It is very simple and I liked it from the first moment.
The Gloves are from Mccall 5772. I love the gloves and they are very well explained, but sizing... well... that's a whole other story. More on that later.
The hat... well, I did try the same Mccall 5772 for the hat too, but it didn't work out for me, and I did not insist, as I had a cuter hat in mind. I originally saw it years ago in a free sewing guide on the net. right here.
I changed it a bit. I will post a detailed photo guide later.
Here's the result.

My little sunshine!

So, pattern reviews:

The Poncho
cute and simple poncho, one pattern piece. sizing goes up to 10, but these are 'weird' sizes. I made 6 for my 5 years old, and it's barely fit. The problem is that the sizes do not correspond with the American sizes of the three big companies and are not provided with height, as Burda and Ottobrre do, so I'm just not used to it. I guess it's just a matter of time, I need to keep in mind that the sizes run small!
But really, I love this pattern! cute little poncho, what's not too like?

The Gloves:
This is actually the review to Mccall 5772, I'll post it also in patternReview.
I tried view B. Traced size Medium for the gloves and hat, It came out HUGE!!! The gloves went to my 8 years old, the hat was too big even for me.
There is a possibility that I did something wrong with the hat, because I couldn't understand how the lining and the outer parts go together, I found the hat instructions to be very poor. My bad English might be at fault here, but I usually do understand patterns...
I retraced the gloves to get a smaller size, no problem there.
I didn't bother with the hat, like I said, the instructions weren't clear.
I will make the gloves again. and again... really really cute. But if you plan on making it, note that this pattern really runs big!

Now, the hat!
As I said, I used the Fleece hat tutorial here.
But I wanted it changed a bit, so I took photos of the steps, so I'll make it again! Made it twice already for my two big girls.
Here it is...
I used 3 strips of fabric. Main fabric band is 50X18cm (was perfect for 5 and 8 years old). The other two narrower bands are 50X9 cm.

I sewed one main fabric band with a narrower band.

I sewed the side seem to create a tube

I cut the fabric this way..

now the fabric band that was left on the side... sew the side seem to cerate a tube.

fold it lengthwise, right side on the outside.

place the folded band, open side down, on the hat as follows amd sew together

Now tie the top of the hat with a small strip of fleece

All done!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

boleros... a lot of them!

So, I made many many boleros lately, for the girls and for myself...
for the girls I used NewLook 6582 (already reviewed the pattern right here).

This time I made it much better... I made it two sided!
Love the way it turned out!
A word of explanation - I made it twice (using two different fabrics), then I put them one on top of the other, right on right, and sewed it together, I then turned the right side out through the arm hole. Now I only had to finish the armholes...
Here's what I made for the girls..
This one is two-sided,but with the same fabric...

This one is made of two different fabrics..

But I don't have a good picture of the other side... This is all I have...

The dress on this picture will be fully 'exposed' soon...

for my own bolero I used Mccall 5006

I made view F using a light knit, though the pattern recommends either a stable knit for the view or light non-stretch fabrics. ButI made it using two layers (as I did with the newLook pattern), so it's not too light. I like the way it turned out!

The pattern review
what's not too like??? I live this view! I made size 8 and it is OK, but I think this pattern is very forgiving that way...
I didn't use the recommended fabric type, but rather a very light knit (but two layers of it), and I love it!
Using two layers and making it two-sided fixes the issue of seeing the wrong side of the fabric that I saw people commenting about in patternReview.com..
Will I make it again? I might, I just need to see that this one is being used!
I may also try other views, I think this pattern is very useful!

This is it for now, The holidays are finally over and within a week I'll have to change my focus and get started on my eldest's birthday plans.. I love birthdays!

Have a good week!

Friday, October 14, 2011

I'm back!!!!

Just a word of explanation - my computer had a nasty virus... I could not access blogger for about two months, and had to use the other computer for blogging. for the past month it was pretty much out of work too...
so I couldn't blog. I also couldn't comment on other blogs! (but I still read them closely!)
My husband fixed it last night...
I can blog again!
And I have a lot to show...
Just to start, here's a new Sasha I made for my little (OK, not so little anymore...) one.

Is there anyone who reads this blog and is unaware of how much I love Farbenmix patterns???? So, I baught last week three new patterns. Can't wait for them to arrive. As soon as they do, I'll start working on them.

If you want to see more Sasha examples that I've made look right here.. It is one of my favorite patterns. Always a success!!!!

But I was busy, I made more things!
I made Butterick 5525

I made it twice. The first timeI used some heavy rib fabric, pretty stable, so the neck was finished pretty nicely, but it kind of hangs on me. Still, it is warm, and comfortable, and I'll wear it.

The second time I used some light fabric, and hence the neck was not finished well. If I understand correctly, I should have stabilized it before folding and stitching. I'll try it.

And here's how the neck looks like..

The pattern review:
The instructions are great, I made view C and there's very little to understand.
As I mentiones, the pattern doesn'tinstruct you to stabilize the nack before folding, but if the fabric is not stable enough, I think it is needed.
I cannot comment on the size... I tried my usual 8 at first and it was too small. Then I tried 10, and I think it is OK, but that doesn't mean the pattern runs small. I'm just not used to my post-pregnancy body. I think I am a 10 now... :-(
Made it twice already, and I'll probably make it some time again because I like the shape of this pattern, It sews up fast and without a problem, and it's not just a regular T shirt. I think it's a great top for work!
I like the cute folds in the front part. Adds some interest to the top, I think.
I don;t like - that finishing the back as instructed results in a wavy way...
but really - easy, cute little top!

I have more to show, and now that I have access to my blog again, I hope to update real soon!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Simplicity 2615 - new top for me...

It's been so long since I had a new, non-pregnancy, outfit! I've been waiting to sew for myself!
Unfortunately, I still have some leftovers from the pregnancy… many of my tops do not fit (yet, I hope), and so I had the greatest excuse to sew for myself. I really have nothing to wear!
On top of that, I have bought so many patterns over these past months… I have such a long to-do list!!!
I started with Simplicity 2615. I thought this pattern looks great for summer… It's made out of non-stretch fabric… I don't have many such tops… It looks really easy and comfortable.

Here's the result…

Pattern review:
I'm not all that sure. I made no changes to the original design (I made size 10, didn't need to widen it in the hip as I usually do). I followed the instructions to the letter, no problems there.
Does it looks like the envelop picture? I think so… but on the model it looks better, maybe because of the fabric I chose? I thought it was soft and flowing enough, but maybe it wasn't? I used some type of satin blend…Or maybe it looks better on the model because she's slimmer? Either way, I think the top is OK, but not great. I doubt I'll make it again,
Still, if I do… two things are bothering me.
1. The slit on the neck is way too deep (for me). If I bend a little everything shows..
2. I originally attempted the view with the gathered sleeves. It looked really terrible! (again, maybe the fabric just wasn't right for it). Anyhow, I took out the gathers (not completely, as you can see from the picture…) and if I do it again, I'll make the regular sleeves view…

So, I suggest that you check that, if you are interested in this pattern.

I actually made some additional items, but didn't have the time to take pictures yet. I am now working on a new top for myself. I hope it'll look better on me than this one.
Afterwards… I think maybe a new, bigger, diaper bag.
Then…. Well… I'll just have to see which of my to-so list gets to be the next item.
So much to do!!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

One more skort,,, Emily

One of the items that were most used by my 4 years old over the past year was the skort. I made her two last year (see here... ). I find this pattern to be so practical... It looks like a skirt, thus satisfying my girl's need to wear a pretty outfit, but it has pants under... satisfying my need for avoiding sand and dirt where these do not belong.
The two skorts I made her look a bit used now, faded... so, about three months ago I cut fabric for a new skort. A month ago I started sewing it together, stitch by stitch... whenever the babies allowed it...
It came out great.

I don't have much more to write, I already reviewed the pattern last year.
I guess I should make some more of those... But then again, I have so many other items on my list...

My plans for the coming month (OK, it will take longer, I know):
1. Tops for myself... I still have a post-pregnancy belly... I need some new tops for the coming winter as many of my old ones just wouldn't fit!
2. birthday dress for my soon 8 years old girl :-)
3. Another (bigger!) diapers bag... It seems twins need so much more then one baby!!!
4. Boleros - many of those, another practical piece of cloth!

On another matter... My birthday was several days ago. I didn't do anything special, as I really don't have the time, but I plan, in about three weeks, to go fabric shopping with a friend in Nahalat Binyamin for the whole day (still don't know who will stay with the babies). So I am 'postponing' my birthday till then :-)

I hope to blog again soon...

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Girls' world...

It's been too long... It's been difficult to get to the computer. If I have any time.. I spend it sitting near my sewing machine.
But, very little time... very little proress...

A week before I had the babies, I got a package in the mail... I got the new book by Jeniffer Paganelli.. Girl's world!

My 8 years old picked out the dress and the fabric... . I would have picked a more live color, but still, she's happy with it, aand so am I.
I made size M, it's a little too wide on her, which is good, because the summer is nearly over and I want the dress to be used next summer.

Here it is...

I think that next year the fit will be great, and she'll enjoy the dress.

About the book
Such a pretty, colorful book! The colors are so bright, and the projects vary. I like most of the sewing projects, but I think I'll oly make the dresses, as I don't see my girls wering tunics or aprons.
The piloows - very pretty. I plan to make the big round one, and I plan to let my girl make the puppy pillow.

On the other hand, I don't like that the patterns are not presented well.. It's hard to get from the pictures the details of the pattern, and there is no back view.

The pattern - Josie Dress
I really like this pattern. It has a unique look, gathered front and a pretty sash. It's a bit big, but that's good. The instructions are good. The pattern pieces are drawn well, it's very easy to trace.
My 4 years old asked for the same dress, so I'll be making it again, But I'm not sure I'll make two of these dresses to each girl, as I mentioned, it is pretty unique.

Before I finish, just one more picture.. that I have to share!

Till next time :-)