Monday, December 19, 2011

new beginings...

Well, I was away again... but this time I have the best excuse... I really had no computer.
I was informed about a month ago, that the company (a startup) I worked in for the past 5 years, was sold.. that's great news of course.. for the share holders. Not so much for me. It means looking for a new job...
So, I had to return my computer, hence my limited computer access, and worry about finding a new job.
I will start my new job in two weeks, in Tel Aviv. That's pretty far from my home, I hope I will be able to do that... I worry about seeing my babies for only 3 hours before they go to sleep... not being able to do anything with my girls...
well, work is a MUST at this stage of our lives... I'll just need to make it work, right???
On the good side, I think I'll be able 2-3 times a year to travel after work to Nahalt Binyamin, the fabric street of Israel.... Up until now it was ajust too far, took months of arrangements.. but when I work 20 minutes from there... :-)

But in the meantime, I made quiet a few things. Some deaseve a post of their own, as they are new patterns Ive tried, but some are just old stuff I made again.
For example - This bag is made according this Simplicity 2396, which I already made several times. see here for example. I made it again, this time a bigger version, as I will need a space for a book, now that I'll have to take the train to get to work... and I added a zipper to fully close the bag, so nothing can fall out.

I also made a new Jalie sweetheart top for myself... But I made a mistake, I didn't follow the instructions (I thought I remembered them so well...) so it looks a little different, but I like it! The sleeves turned out a little short, so I think I'll cut it to be a short sleeve top pretty soon..

I made some more stuff, but I think those deserve their own entry... So I'll finish with this adorable pictures... don't you think???

I hope that now, when I have a computer, I can blog more often, and more important - keep track of what haooens in the sewing world, in other blogs!!!!

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