Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Encinitas - and a new decision...

First... my decision...
Hard as it is, I've decicided to stop buying fabric and patterns until I make better use of what I have.
I think it is called 'sewing from stash'... right? Stash of fabric and patterns.
There will be exceptions, I suppose, (for example, I hardly have any nice stretch fabric at the moment...) but I'll try to limit it. The reason is both the ecomony and the limited space in my closet...
So, all of the projects I am currently doing are from my fabric stash, and when it is reduced I'll have the pleasure of buying again... I can't wait!

Now, The Encinitas... I wasn't sure about this pattern... still not sure. But my 8 years old loves it...

The patterns arrives only in German, but it's not difficult. It is basically a regular peasent top with a 'leaf' skirt. There are two layers to the skirt, the inside one is sewed as usual, the outer one has pockets (not visual in my pictures), but you could just as easily leave the pockets out and that would make it a really easy and quick little dress.
I finished the wo layers of the skirt with bias tape, which makes it a bit 'jumpy'. My dd loves the effect.
I'm not sure how I feel about this dress. It is special, sure, and twirly, and my 5 years old already asked for a dress 'just like this one' too... so for the girls it's a success. But something doesn't look right to me, not sure what. If I do it again I'll lengthen the top part, I think it is a bit too short, and I may leave the pockets out.

This dress is all from stash fabric... so I'm OK so far!

I'm returning to work tomorrow morning... I guess my limited crafting time will be far more limited then...

Till next time then.. :-)


  1. You did a great job on the dress, actually I can see the lines so well on your version. I have been on the fence about this design too, I too don't know what is causing me to hesitate. No doubt it took talent and vision to design the pattern just something isn't resonating with me. Yours turned out very cute.
    I am slowing my fabric buying too only because I need to sew down my stash. Won't take too long since my daughter has outgrown so many of the pieces I have made her, gasp! I know you probably have favorite places to buy fabrics but I have been buying a lot of knits from Corie at Banberryplace.com lately. You should check her site out. She has been buying a lot of US domestic knits as well as European ones. I know the shipping is free in the US on purchases over $100 it could be that for international. Not sure about that but it's worth looking in to!

  2. I wasn't sure of this dress when I saw the pattern, but your version makes me want to sew it ... soon!
    I hope going back to work wasn't too difficult for you, and that you will adjust easily to all the changes it will bring.