Thursday, August 26, 2010

Finally - The Elodie!

I saw this pattern several months ago in the Farbenmix blog page - Loved it since the very first moment...
I made it, twice, for the coming new year's eve.
The first time was difficult. I tried to use these photo toturials, here, here and here
I couldn't understand the details - such as what side of the sleeve goes where (there is one side that is a bit more curved..), if the sleeve is gathered or not...
Anyway - I tried and tried and got a way to make it, and it is PRETTY!
Now, I am sure there are more ways to do it, but I took some pictures and I intend to put them in a document, because I know I'll be making this dress next summer for sure!
I made the simple version,
here it is -

The fisrt version is from a very fluid fabic, not sure what it is exactly..

The second is from quilting cotton

Isn't it lovely?
I'll post a good pattern review next week, because there's a lot to write, and we are going on vacation early tomorrow morning...
but I can say in short - another MUST HAVE pattern by farbenmix!

see you next week!


  1. Stunning!!!!

    That's it!!! I have to make this dress. Wonder if I have 2.5m of one fabric sitting in my stash. LOL I'm going to make Moo the 134/140 and it takes a lot of fabric, but it definite looks to be worth it. :)

  2. Oh, they are lovely. Just bought this pattern so now am very tempted!

  3. אני חושבת שהשמלות שלך מקסימות ונראות מקצועיות....