Thursday, September 22, 2011

Simplicity 2615 - new top for me...

It's been so long since I had a new, non-pregnancy, outfit! I've been waiting to sew for myself!
Unfortunately, I still have some leftovers from the pregnancy… many of my tops do not fit (yet, I hope), and so I had the greatest excuse to sew for myself. I really have nothing to wear!
On top of that, I have bought so many patterns over these past months… I have such a long to-do list!!!
I started with Simplicity 2615. I thought this pattern looks great for summer… It's made out of non-stretch fabric… I don't have many such tops… It looks really easy and comfortable.

Here's the result…

Pattern review:
I'm not all that sure. I made no changes to the original design (I made size 10, didn't need to widen it in the hip as I usually do). I followed the instructions to the letter, no problems there.
Does it looks like the envelop picture? I think so… but on the model it looks better, maybe because of the fabric I chose? I thought it was soft and flowing enough, but maybe it wasn't? I used some type of satin blend…Or maybe it looks better on the model because she's slimmer? Either way, I think the top is OK, but not great. I doubt I'll make it again,
Still, if I do… two things are bothering me.
1. The slit on the neck is way too deep (for me). If I bend a little everything shows..
2. I originally attempted the view with the gathered sleeves. It looked really terrible! (again, maybe the fabric just wasn't right for it). Anyhow, I took out the gathers (not completely, as you can see from the picture…) and if I do it again, I'll make the regular sleeves view…

So, I suggest that you check that, if you are interested in this pattern.

I actually made some additional items, but didn't have the time to take pictures yet. I am now working on a new top for myself. I hope it'll look better on me than this one.
Afterwards… I think maybe a new, bigger, diaper bag.
Then…. Well… I'll just have to see which of my to-so list gets to be the next item.
So much to do!!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

One more skort,,, Emily

One of the items that were most used by my 4 years old over the past year was the skort. I made her two last year (see here... ). I find this pattern to be so practical... It looks like a skirt, thus satisfying my girl's need to wear a pretty outfit, but it has pants under... satisfying my need for avoiding sand and dirt where these do not belong.
The two skorts I made her look a bit used now, faded... so, about three months ago I cut fabric for a new skort. A month ago I started sewing it together, stitch by stitch... whenever the babies allowed it...
It came out great.

I don't have much more to write, I already reviewed the pattern last year.
I guess I should make some more of those... But then again, I have so many other items on my list...

My plans for the coming month (OK, it will take longer, I know):
1. Tops for myself... I still have a post-pregnancy belly... I need some new tops for the coming winter as many of my old ones just wouldn't fit!
2. birthday dress for my soon 8 years old girl :-)
3. Another (bigger!) diapers bag... It seems twins need so much more then one baby!!!
4. Boleros - many of those, another practical piece of cloth!

On another matter... My birthday was several days ago. I didn't do anything special, as I really don't have the time, but I plan, in about three weeks, to go fabric shopping with a friend in Nahalat Binyamin for the whole day (still don't know who will stay with the babies). So I am 'postponing' my birthday till then :-)

I hope to blog again soon...