Saturday, June 27, 2009

My First Sasha Dress!

Well, I have so much to show - now that I have my camera back! (Of course, as soon as we baught a new memory card to the camera, I found the old one!).
Anyhow - I still didn't get all the pictures that I wanted... but I did take one of the Sasha dress!
I made a muslin version, but of nice fabric, to my 2.5 years old lady N. I haven't checked for fit yet - I finished it last night when she slept, and has to fight to urge to wake her up just to try the dress on!
But - I like it!
I made the simple version - I changed a few things!

1. The closure - where do you find the kind of closure that appears on the pattern - I don't know! so I finished it with buttons...
2. The pattern calls for really long strips of fabric for the skirt, on a fold! No way a 110 cm wide fabric can fit there...
so I cut it not on the fold - and I don't like it! I wonder if I can cut it on the fabric length... what do you think?
I want to make this dress for Lady H.
I realized most of my fabric stash (which is HUGE!!!) is pink!
That means I MUST buy more fabric, right?????

I will take some pictures of Lady N in this dress tomorrow, since we have a end-of-the-year party in lady H kindergarten. I'll post a Pattern review also.

Good Day!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I've been busy

I didn't write for a while, but not because I did nothing... I did a lot, and it all turned out just great:-) even if I do say so myself!
But - I lost the card of my camera so I couldn't take any pictures...

My husband bought a new one today, so I hope to take some pictures over the weekend and share them here...

I also recieved and baught some new patterns. It's a sickness... I know! But what can I do - there are such amazing patterns out there!
The first of the lot is the Sasha dress. I have already cut size 1 for my Lady N. I only used scraps this time to make sure I get it right before cutting into my better fabric. Isn't that a preety pattern???
Following I plan to make this Laguna Skirt by Studio Tantrum. here it is: .
I also order two Melly&Me patterns - Dilbert and Pippi . All of these patterns are really expesive, but I will make good use of them, I promise!
Well, I must make good use of them, because I am not allowed to buy even one more fabric/pattern/sewing book before I make good use of them!

To another subject - the Burda Magazine of July... I have subscribed, and I didn't get it yet!
I'm not sure when I'm supposed to! Anyhow - this month seems to be a bit of a disappointment for me.. I didn't find anything there that I like at first view. But I'm sure that within a few days there will be some cute pattern reviews in and I'll find some things I really like to have!

well - I hope to post some pictures tomorrow!

Have a good weekend,

Monday, June 15, 2009

Burda 07-2008-108

Hi All,
As I mentioned, I've decided that at least one item should be made from every single burda magazine that I have - to justify both its cost and the place it takes. From Burda 07-2008 the choice was really easy -

I've seen on PatternReview so many great reviews of this pattern, I don't really have anything to add - but I'll still upload my pattern review there too...
It is cute!
It comes together really easy!
I left out the pockets, and change the way I finished the neck - I did not do it right :-( so it gapes a little, but it's not obvious, it still looks really cute!
I also lowered the shoulders.. apperantly I have low shoulder, and I didn't even know!
Here it is -

I actually got a compliment on the top - from a lady at work... She saw me and we talked for a while and she mentioned, out of the blue, that she likes my top! I really enjoyed hearing this!
I'm not sure really what type of fabric it is - but it drapes nicely, washes very nice, no wrinckles!

I will make this pattern again, when the right fabric comes along! and this time I'll not take any short cuts for the neck facing!

What else?
I'm now making a muslin for a cute dress. For me! I'm not sure I'll ever wear a dress... I wonder - what dresses can be worn by a woman my age? (33, but feels do much younger!) brown? black? seems so boring! white and all pale fabrics are ruled out due to the fact that they not compliment me. Red is too young...
I suppose I'll make it black - that way I may wear it sometime... not sure though!

After that - well, I wait on a package of three cute Farbenmix and Studio Tantrum patterns! This time my little one, Lady N, will get her share of dresses!

Good day all!

Friday, June 12, 2009

The fat Quarter Bag

My new bag, and first zipper experience!
I got this pattern from this cute etsy shop. I love it!
Unfortunately, I've never installed a zipper on a bag before, so I made my first try on some fabric from my stash that I do not mind losing.
The pattern instructions... well, I am not that familiar with English terminology, so they were a bit difficult, the pattern is accompanied by pictures, but it didn't help me much. Finally I decided to just follow the instructions without understanding them - and it worked!

I have some mishaps in the zip, I did not use the correct size so it's a bit too long, which caused me some troubles when attaching the handle, but all in all I like it!
For the next time -
1. make it bigger - this bag is too small for me! I will enlarge the pattern pieces and make it again!
2 The pattern doesn't call for use of interfacing, I used felt that I sewed on to the left side of the outer fabric, I think it works well, next time I'll try interfacing though, just to feel the difference.
3. Put the handle loops on the sides before attaching the inner and outer fabrics, same for all types of pockets. I forgot to make those in time, and once the bag is constructed... too late.

Otherwise - I like it, it is cute, puffy, and I think I'll use this one again!

Good day!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bettsy Kingston Ruffle Pants New GIVEAWAY!!!!

Look at this!!!

I got into this whole blog thing after seeing all these really great blogs out there in May giveaway of SewMamaSew!
Apparently - it's not over!
this is one of the blogs I started follow after I saw it for the first time in that giveaway - and it has a new giveaway!
I hope I win this time! look at this cute things!!!!!!!

Bettsy Kingston Ruffle Pants New GIVEAWAY!!!!

Good luck to me!

Burda 04-2008-140

Well, I decided that of all the Burda World Of Fashion issues that I have at home (and I have many!) I need to make at least one item per issue to justify the cost of buying the issue!

So I started -

This one is for my 5.5 years old Lady H. I know, it looks as if I never sew for my little one... It's not the case, but it sure seems like that! My 2 years old Lady N is in a Kibbutz Kindergarten, where the kids go visit the cows practically every day... I do not send her in fancy cloths there... hence - she really needs less items.

Anyhow - this is the item I chose from burda 04-2008; I liked it. Lady H doesn't like it as much... I didn't plan on making it, but then I came across this fabric in my stash and it looked just like the one in the magazine... I just had to make it!

Here's the pattern -

and here's the way it looks -

Now, what did I learn?

First - BWF instructions are beyond me! I could not understand how the ties are attached to the bodice! I finally used the instructions for the toddler dress from Ottobrre 02/2005.

Other then that - it's a really easy pattern, but it runs HUGE! I made size 116 for my 112 cm Lady H and it looks huge on her!

Never mind, one issue done, about a dozen more to go!

That's it for today,

Have a good day :-)


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Daisy Kingdom 2988


This is the latest dress I made for my 5.5 years old. I love it! I posted on it on PatternReview, so you can see it there, but this seems like a great place to put the pictures.

the hat actually looks much better then it looks in the picture. still, even though I used a pretty stiff interfacing, the brim is not stiff enough. I may have to take another swing at it!

My big girl (from now on I'll refer to her as Lady H. As opposed to my little one, Lady N.) really needs no more skirts/dresses or any other clothing items! she has so much. On the other hand, I love making new dresses, she loves wearing them, so why not?

what did I learn from this pattern?

1. First - I do not understand the elastic guide part - it was huge. I should have tried it on before stitching it.

2. The hat - well, I still need to see if it washes well, but I got it! I understood how it is done! I should also experiment with other interfacing to make the brim stiffer, but now that I have the technique down I can attempt a hat for myself!

3. polycottons are wonderful! I got the fabrics for this dress from this great ebay store - It washes well, it is very thin and suited for summer, rarely wrinkles. and comes in so many colors and patterns!

my next project:

The fat quarter bag - this will be an attempt to overcome my grave fear of zippers! I bought it awhile ago here, and never got around to it. It looks really sweet, but my first attempt with it will be from simple fabric from my stash, until I master this whole zipper thing. I'll be sure to upload the results!

have a good day!


First Post

This is my first post! a big deal!

I never thought of having a blog. the idea seems a bit weird to me, but after this weekend... I really want to. Let me explain - this weekend was the weekend of the May Giveaway at sewmamasew. I registered to just about all blogs that gave things away (such cute staff... I still can't believe people are actually giving away all of those adrable things!). anyway - I got nothing...

but I saw so many blogs! I wanted one too!

So here I am.

What will I publish here... I guess my crafty experiences. These involve mostly sewing these days. I bought my machine (a simple Sovina Jeans And Stretch) a little over a year ago. I wanted to make a doll. To make a long story short - I am now the proud owner of a subscription to Ottobrre nagazine and to Burda world of fashion! and I rarely ever make a doll!

I am still unsure how things are done here, especially in English! .. so every post is kind of an advanture. how fun!

Have a good day,