Monday, June 15, 2009

Burda 07-2008-108

Hi All,
As I mentioned, I've decided that at least one item should be made from every single burda magazine that I have - to justify both its cost and the place it takes. From Burda 07-2008 the choice was really easy -

I've seen on PatternReview so many great reviews of this pattern, I don't really have anything to add - but I'll still upload my pattern review there too...
It is cute!
It comes together really easy!
I left out the pockets, and change the way I finished the neck - I did not do it right :-( so it gapes a little, but it's not obvious, it still looks really cute!
I also lowered the shoulders.. apperantly I have low shoulder, and I didn't even know!
Here it is -

I actually got a compliment on the top - from a lady at work... She saw me and we talked for a while and she mentioned, out of the blue, that she likes my top! I really enjoyed hearing this!
I'm not sure really what type of fabric it is - but it drapes nicely, washes very nice, no wrinckles!

I will make this pattern again, when the right fabric comes along! and this time I'll not take any short cuts for the neck facing!

What else?
I'm now making a muslin for a cute dress. For me! I'm not sure I'll ever wear a dress... I wonder - what dresses can be worn by a woman my age? (33, but feels do much younger!) brown? black? seems so boring! white and all pale fabrics are ruled out due to the fact that they not compliment me. Red is too young...
I suppose I'll make it black - that way I may wear it sometime... not sure though!

After that - well, I wait on a package of three cute Farbenmix and Studio Tantrum patterns! This time my little one, Lady N, will get her share of dresses!

Good day all!

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