Friday, June 12, 2009

The fat Quarter Bag

My new bag, and first zipper experience!
I got this pattern from this cute etsy shop. I love it!
Unfortunately, I've never installed a zipper on a bag before, so I made my first try on some fabric from my stash that I do not mind losing.
The pattern instructions... well, I am not that familiar with English terminology, so they were a bit difficult, the pattern is accompanied by pictures, but it didn't help me much. Finally I decided to just follow the instructions without understanding them - and it worked!

I have some mishaps in the zip, I did not use the correct size so it's a bit too long, which caused me some troubles when attaching the handle, but all in all I like it!
For the next time -
1. make it bigger - this bag is too small for me! I will enlarge the pattern pieces and make it again!
2 The pattern doesn't call for use of interfacing, I used felt that I sewed on to the left side of the outer fabric, I think it works well, next time I'll try interfacing though, just to feel the difference.
3. Put the handle loops on the sides before attaching the inner and outer fabrics, same for all types of pockets. I forgot to make those in time, and once the bag is constructed... too late.

Otherwise - I like it, it is cute, puffy, and I think I'll use this one again!

Good day!

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