Sunday, June 26, 2011

hardly any sewing going on here...

Well, I am starting week 37 now. I am very heavy, tired, huge and moody. I hope this pregnancy ends really soon, with two healthy babies...
So this month... I really did almost nothing, despite of all my plans.
But some things I needed to do!
First of all, in 4 days my daughter finishes the first grade. I remember her first day of school, how excited and scared we all were... She had a great year!
To celebrate the end of the year her class had a 'Torah party',each child got a Torah book, and they had a nice ceremony, really nice.
I was asked to bring the party cake, here it is..

as always, the inspiration to the cake is from the really great magazine by Taltalim right here...

Then I decided on a very simple dress for my 4 years old... I decided on 'Hanna Suterday's dress' from the new Israeli pattern Magazine, World Fashion.
Here's the catch... I wasn't sure which size to choose... I finally chose size 4, but decided to add to each side of the front and back top parts one cm. I'm glad I did... it would have been too small otherwise. I chose a simple fabric that I bought long ago as a leftover. It has some stretch to it, and this was not a good choice...
I made some changes to the original design -
1. I added to the lower (skirt part) another pattern piece, to make the dress a bit longer and to be able to play with fabric combination.
2. I only traced the skirt front piece, the skirt back piece looks really similar except it isn't placed on the fold. These days I trace as little as I can, since even this is a bit diffcult for me :-)
3. I added a riboon beteen the top and the skirt.
So, why do I say I chose the wrong fabric???? because when I finished the neck opening (with bias tape) it got stretched and lost its shape. If I make this pattern again I'll have to try it on before finishing the neck opening and make sure it fits.
This is the photos of the dress.. please ignore the neck opening... I fixed it later..

The day after I fixed the neck - I add two darts in the back and now it looks much better. I don't have a good photo pf that just yet, though...
Just this picture...

I'm not sure... Can you see from this picture that the neck is much more fit? It really is...
Basically, it's a cute and simple dress. not much work involved.
I found the directions pretty good, but then again, I didn't really need them.
My daugther likes the dress. And I just need to remember, for times to follow, to check the neck opening before I finish it with bias tape, just to make sure the problem is the fabric, not the pattern.

I have more to share, but it'll have to wait.. too tired now,
Good week all!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Red Zucka - another great pattern

I haven't been doing much lately... and I have so much to do... between my full time job, handling the girls and trying to get things ready for the babies... I've become lazy...
Take today for example, I was home today (it's a holiday here, Shavout!) and I did nothing (well, other then taking care of the girls, making lunch, etc.)
There's still a lot to do around here before the babies come. We don't have a room yet, or car seats, or beds... And I just can't handle it right now. Maybe this weekend..
Anyway, I managed one little skirt this week... and it's a big hit!
I got Farbenmix Zucka several months ago, looking for a skirt for my girl that will be good when she grows up a bit too... a less childish skirt. I've noticed she likes these types of cloths now, and that's the way her friends dress too... But it still should be really cute!
I've never made a skirt with so many parts in it!!!! 17 pattern pieces... can you believe it?
But I left out the back pockets.. I just wanted to see that the skirt fits first, next time
(yes, there will be a next time) I'll add pockets,
Anyway, here are the pictures

When I baught the pattern, I baught in German. I think (thougn I'm not sure) the English translation did not exist yes. But I found it in the net. This is the English Instructions document, and here is a very detailed photo guide...

So, the pattern review:
The English instructions and photo guides are great!
I did everything (except the back pockets) as instructed and it turned out great.
But - when I make it again I'll do one step different - in the photo guide the instructions call for completing the skirt and then adding the ruffles, I think it might be better (and more percise) if I attach each ruffle to a skirt piece first and then attach them all.. I'll try it.
I made size 134-140 for my 135 cm tall girl. The fit is great, but maybe just a bit too long. I may make it a bit shorter next time. I also wanted the underskirt piece to be more notable... I'll make it a bit longer next time.
What I like about this pattern...
A lot!!!!
Endless options for fabric combinations!
the pattern pieces (though there are so many...) are very small, making it a great pattern for using leftover fabrics
And the result - my girl LOVES twirly skirts... but this one is shaped differently, a 'big girl' type of skirt... she loves it! she wants another one, in purple... I need to find the fabric...

I'm not sure I'll be able to complete any more projects before I have the babies... But I'll try :-)
Happy Shavout!!!!