Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Red Zucka - another great pattern

I haven't been doing much lately... and I have so much to do... between my full time job, handling the girls and trying to get things ready for the babies... I've become lazy...
Take today for example, I was home today (it's a holiday here, Shavout!) and I did nothing (well, other then taking care of the girls, making lunch, etc.)
There's still a lot to do around here before the babies come. We don't have a room yet, or car seats, or beds... And I just can't handle it right now. Maybe this weekend..
Anyway, I managed one little skirt this week... and it's a big hit!
I got Farbenmix Zucka several months ago, looking for a skirt for my girl that will be good when she grows up a bit too... a less childish skirt. I've noticed she likes these types of cloths now, and that's the way her friends dress too... But it still should be really cute!
I've never made a skirt with so many parts in it!!!! 17 pattern pieces... can you believe it?
But I left out the back pockets.. I just wanted to see that the skirt fits first, next time
(yes, there will be a next time) I'll add pockets,
Anyway, here are the pictures

When I baught the pattern, I baught in German. I think (thougn I'm not sure) the English translation did not exist yes. But I found it in the net. This is the English Instructions document, and here is a very detailed photo guide...

So, the pattern review:
The English instructions and photo guides are great!
I did everything (except the back pockets) as instructed and it turned out great.
But - when I make it again I'll do one step different - in the photo guide the instructions call for completing the skirt and then adding the ruffles, I think it might be better (and more percise) if I attach each ruffle to a skirt piece first and then attach them all.. I'll try it.
I made size 134-140 for my 135 cm tall girl. The fit is great, but maybe just a bit too long. I may make it a bit shorter next time. I also wanted the underskirt piece to be more notable... I'll make it a bit longer next time.
What I like about this pattern...
A lot!!!!
Endless options for fabric combinations!
the pattern pieces (though there are so many...) are very small, making it a great pattern for using leftover fabrics
And the result - my girl LOVES twirly skirts... but this one is shaped differently, a 'big girl' type of skirt... she loves it! she wants another one, in purple... I need to find the fabric...

I'm not sure I'll be able to complete any more projects before I have the babies... But I'll try :-)
Happy Shavout!!!!


  1. That's a gorgeous skirt, and I love how the belt matches the ruffle underneath. Those photo guides are very helpful.
    Don't be too hard on yourself! Keeping your girls and babies fed and cared for is a major job, and rest is also necessary too. I hope the last few weeks go ok for you.

  2. What a lovely skirt! I've made it a few times and there are indeed lots of pattern pieces, but it's worth in the end I think. Your daughter looks lovely in it!