Saturday, May 28, 2011

more Elodies...

This is just a little post to show I'm still here!
I'm on week 33 now, and it's getting much more difficult to move, to do anything...
But I had to make these two dresses... as the old Elodies I made for the girls last year has gotton too small for them!
(for last year's Elodie pictures see here, and the photo toturial look here)..

World Fashio Magazine
On another matter.. I think it is common knowlegde now among Israeli crafters, but just in case someone doesn't know (from Israel, I mean), there is a new fashion magazine, called "World Fashion", it's an Israeli magazine, and it is cute!
There is a void in Israel... and I think this magazine can really fill this void.
you can see pictures from the fisrt issue right here
A little review...
first - It doesn't look like a 'first' issue.. I looks very professional, pretty photos, nice and interesting designs in a good variety of sizes!
There are about 25 patterns there.. someof little girls' clothes, some for teens and some for women.
As in most magazines, I liked some of the patterns better then others...
The instructions are very detailed, much better then Burda's instructions, for example. Still, not as good or detailed as Simplicity, Butterick, etc.
I think it is great for Isreal crafters!
I also like that it is the first time to actually get a summer magazine.... well... in the Summer :-)
There are a few 'child sicknesses' the magazine should overcome... I think the girls' patterns should be in heights.. as most sewers are used to. The explnantions for the fabrics chosen for each design could be better..
Still, all in all, a very cute magazine!
I chose from it the 'Trapez Top'(I need to check if I cann add a picture here). I wish I could show you, but in week 33... no way the top can fit me now. I chose this pattern because it looks like a comfortable, wide top, that will fit me after I have the babies...
This will be a good time to show the pictures.
Anyhow, the pattern came out very quickly.. in one evening (well, it was a very eacy top to make). I think it'll fit great, the insturctions were good!
I think I'll post a good pattern review next week on the top, I just need to find a friend to try on this top for me!


  1. These dresses are gorgeous! I think you were the first for me to see the Elodie. The large floral fabric is just stunning.
    I hope you are staying comfortable! Soon enough you will be busy snuggling your new little ones. Can't wait to see them!

  2. Such beautiful, beautiful Elodies, I love the fabrics you picked, and your girls look so happy.
    Lucky you - a new sewing magazine!! The patterns are lovely.