Friday, May 6, 2011

yes, it's corny and tacky... I don't care!

I am very tired these days. I have a lot going on, between work and the girls I hardly get any crafting time. Since it's getting warm outside, we spend most afternoons in the playground, which is great for the girls... but when I get home I'm usually too tired to do anything!
But I have been doing some things. Not much, and I'm getting a bit worried, that I'll not finish all that I planned before the babies arrive. I still have so much to do, and it should all be finished this month, I'm not sure in June I'll have any energy left, or time...
Anyway, I decided to sew for the babies only the very basic things that I need. I have many baby clothes from my girls, as well as from my sister's kids. So really, I don't plan on making them an clothes, What for? As a rule, all pretty babies clothes end up being poped on or puked on... right?
So I narrowed it down to a very few objects.
1. sleeping sacks
2. cute outfits for going out of the hospital
3. cloth diapers
4. bed sheets
The cloth diapers
As for the cloth diapers, I have baught the patter from YMCT, from right here.
I like the pattern, and it is explained well, but I cannot comment on the size, since I cannot try it on a real baby.
I have made two so far, one for the girl and one for the boy, and I plan to make at least one more for each, I want to see that it is really working, and easy, before making more.
I am not sure which is the perfect AIO diaper. my first try (the girl's diaper) is made as follows (from outside layer to inside)
1. cute cotton print
2. PUL fabric
3. two rectengle layers in absorbing fabric
4. fleece fabric (on the inside) the keep the baby nice and dry.

Inthis diaper I top stictched the leg openings. It looks good, but I'm afraid it will leak.

The second version I made:
1. cutecotton print
2. PUL fabric
3. two layers of flannel
4. fleece fabric with a pocket
In this pocket I can put as many absorbing layers as needed.

In this version I did not top stitch the leg opening. It doesn't look good.

Do any of you have any good comments about these diapers? I would love to hear what fabric combination will be best from your experience!

Anyhow, I didn't even get to the tacky part! This will come next, really soon!!!

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