Saturday, February 20, 2010

INSA Skirt

Hi All,

So I got this book last week

I already mentioned how pretty it i, and inspiring!

My first project from it was the INSA skirt. No, my girls do not any more skirts (or dresses, for that matter... :-)), but it seemed really easy, fast and cute.

And it is!

I made it as simple as possible, just to try the sizes, and see how it looks on my girls. My only embellishments were a rickrack at the top. I LOVE the outcome! My girls love their skirts (I had to make two identical ones...) and they fit real nice. I still may add some elastics on the sides of each panel to add some embellishments to the skirt...

The skirts are slightly longer then my girls are used to, it is nice, buy I may shorten the top part a bit next time I make them.

Another pretty pattern!
I hope to manage some more simple projects from the book, building my way for the more complicated Dortje and Manhetten soon. Still, on March I plan to take a little break from sewing for the girls - and attempt a pair of pants for me! I really hope to make something wearable!

Good day!

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