Tuesday, February 16, 2010

One more challenge!

A friend gave me her Burda Magazine of 01-2009 to trace a pattern... a 2009 winner!

I saw it in the best patterns of 2009 article... (what a great idea - these articles are so full of tips !)
I had to have it!
Once I had it... well, I did manage the construction of the sleeve, but I must say that seeing the tip by sew-4-fun (here is the link to the tip) made it so much easier!
Thank you, sew-4-fun!
so I did it, I don't have good pictures of the top just yet... but here's what I do have!

You have to trust me - It does look good!
Now for my review - I perfectly understood Burda's instructions... The construction was simple enough. However - I found that following sew-4-fun instruction makes no difference to the outcome but makes the construction ever easier.
As for the size - I have no issue. I made size 38, I usually make 40, but I've recently found that 40 is too big (No, I didn't lose weight... I don't know what happened...), and size 38 fit perfectly.
I don't usually wear 3/4 sleeves... but this one seems special enough - I'll wear it, I think I may even make another one when summer comes, and a good fabric!

On another note - some recommendations -

I think the whole sewing world already knows about Sewing Clothes Kids Love by Nancy Langon. But just in case you don't... I have ordered it last June, and got it a week ago! What a great book. I love the pictures, the patterns! There are 10 patterns there, and I love almost all of them! And I'll make most of them! I've already made INSA out of the book (will be posted soon!), I plan to make IMKA shirt next, then the leggings and the Manhetten. The book never arrives to the patterns drawer.. It's on my table all the time.

Well, till next time...

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  1. That is a gorgeous pattern. Now I have to go get my hands on it! And my book arrived this week too. Yum yum!