Sunday, July 26, 2009

New look 6405 - Love it!

Well, I had such a busy week!
First, I usually make all my fabric shopping online. I know this is not the best way to buy fabric, but really - I have no other way...
But, last week I took several hours off work, my husband returned home early to take care of the girls and I went with a friend to the best place in Israel to buy fabric! Nahalat Binyamin. And I got so much!!!!

Then, this weekend, I made another attempt of NewLook 6405. I loved this pattern since I saw it, but never gathered the nerve to actually work with knits...
Well - the pattern is great, but it took me so long!
The first attempt I made was for size 8. Not that I'm so small, but I've learned that the pattern sizes of Newlook runs really big..
well - it was too tight!
So I didn't even finish it, and I started my second version, size 10. This one fit nice, I understood the instructions, all was well - until I attempted, according to the instructions, to top stitch the neck band!
It became all wavy!!!!
I saw some pattern reviews of this pattern, and one of them mentioned that it could be done without the top stitch, so I had to attempt it the third time!
(I actually got some nice tips how to top stitch, but didn;t get to that yet).
Well - third time is a charm!
I love it!!!!
it's too short, not my faborite fabric, but I love the shape, the fit! I'll make it again, and again, and again!

What did I learn:
Tips for next time -
1. Make the top a bit longer!
2. Do not top sticth this top unless I'm sure I know how to do it well
3. Otherwise - a great, quick top for summer (it also has a long sleeve vesrion - I'll try that too!

Good Day!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Another Sasha!

Well, this post has waited for more then a week, I had no time to write it, and actually - no time now either!
But in short - I made one more Sasha dress for my 5.5 years old Lady H. it turned lovely!!!!
What did I learn - I cut all skirt layers on the fabric lenght - because they are too long to cut as indicated - on the fabric width - it still turned out nice!
I have to hold myself not to make her another dress... She has about 6 new summer dresses and 6 new summer skirts - and no time to wear it all!!!!

Anyway - here come the pictures -

and one more

And this one - well, I didn't make the dress... but I made the child in it! Isn;t she cute???

I spent a few evenings trying some old Burda pattern - for me. It turned really ugly!!! good thing I used a nasty fabric for it. Still, I was bummed!
I am now in the process of makinf some more dilberts and Pippies by Melly&Me, and waiting for my first Burda Fashion magazine to arrive!!!

Good Day!

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Well, this was a very busy weekend!
I have so much to do, and never get around to it...
But I still managed a few things.
First - Dilbert by Melly&Me. I love these petty creatures they make, and I thought my girls would love then too... I wasn't sure I have it in me to start cutting those small parts, iron them, etc. and all for a toy! But I thought I'd give it a try...
well - I don't have it in me!!!! But the Dilberts I made re so cute, that I know I'll make a few more, in time.
Here they are:

The pink one belongs to my 5.5 Lady H

As soon as she had it, (she called her 'Dina') she wanted to put some lipstick on her, to make her 'even prettier!'. I stopped her in time though...

The red one belongs to 2.5 Lady N.

She knows it's a dinosaur.. but his name is 'Giraffe'. I don;t think it looks like a Giraffe... do you?

To another matter - I won the Giveaway by MyFabricHabit! I will be the lucky recipient of these really cute ruffle pants!

I am so excited about that!

I also finished another Sasha for my Lady H. But that would be in the next post!

Good Day!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


I love it, just love it! And so does Lady H.
It's a good thing that I found the sew along on the net though, cause I really found it very difficult to understand what to do. I am still not sure I did it right, but it looks good!
My notes on this skirt -
1. I made size 116 for my 5.5 years old dd. It is slightly short. This is not a big deal, since her skirts always to tend to slip doen her belly botton, but next time I probably should make a bigger size.
2. The construction - in the sew along the instructions call for bias tape - I finished it with my overlock. I did it after the skirt was constructed, but it might be easier to do before constructing the levels? I should try that next...
3. The simpler version of this skirt is half the fabric - I should try that too.

I wonder - is it too much? This is a fency skirt, not suitable for the kindergarten, but - there are just not enough days in the week for all the dresses and skirts. I want to make another skirt but...
we'll see.
It does call for plenty of fabric (the two layers version). That's a down...
Well - the pictures...

And just one more...

This week I'm supposed to finish two Dilberts for my girls...
After that the fun part of the month is done - I have a huge pile of 'need to do' tasks:
fix two pants, fix some sheets fot Lady N new bed, make DH a T shirt. Don't like these tasks... but they must be handled...
Good Day!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I promised 'live' modeled Sasha pictures!

Here they are:

and this one:

I am really happy with the fit. My Lady H already requested such a dress also - so when I'm done with the Laguna skirt I am currently working on, Dilbert of Melly& Me - there will be another Sasha coming!

I just love patterns, and I'm so lucky to have girls who love dressing up!!!
Good Day,