Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Another Sasha!

Well, this post has waited for more then a week, I had no time to write it, and actually - no time now either!
But in short - I made one more Sasha dress for my 5.5 years old Lady H. it turned lovely!!!!
What did I learn - I cut all skirt layers on the fabric lenght - because they are too long to cut as indicated - on the fabric width - it still turned out nice!
I have to hold myself not to make her another dress... She has about 6 new summer dresses and 6 new summer skirts - and no time to wear it all!!!!

Anyway - here come the pictures -

and one more

And this one - well, I didn't make the dress... but I made the child in it! Isn;t she cute???

I spent a few evenings trying some old Burda pattern - for me. It turned really ugly!!! good thing I used a nasty fabric for it. Still, I was bummed!
I am now in the process of makinf some more dilberts and Pippies by Melly&Me, and waiting for my first Burda Fashion magazine to arrive!!!

Good Day!


  1. I'm doing it again! Can you email me your address so I can send the pants. bettsykingston@gmail.com

  2. I really like all your summer projects! You have been very busy. The stuffed animals are very cute. The dresses you made your daughters turned out very nice.