Saturday, July 11, 2009


Well, this was a very busy weekend!
I have so much to do, and never get around to it...
But I still managed a few things.
First - Dilbert by Melly&Me. I love these petty creatures they make, and I thought my girls would love then too... I wasn't sure I have it in me to start cutting those small parts, iron them, etc. and all for a toy! But I thought I'd give it a try...
well - I don't have it in me!!!! But the Dilberts I made re so cute, that I know I'll make a few more, in time.
Here they are:

The pink one belongs to my 5.5 Lady H

As soon as she had it, (she called her 'Dina') she wanted to put some lipstick on her, to make her 'even prettier!'. I stopped her in time though...

The red one belongs to 2.5 Lady N.

She knows it's a dinosaur.. but his name is 'Giraffe'. I don;t think it looks like a Giraffe... do you?

To another matter - I won the Giveaway by MyFabricHabit! I will be the lucky recipient of these really cute ruffle pants!

I am so excited about that!

I also finished another Sasha for my Lady H. But that would be in the next post!

Good Day!

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