Friday, March 18, 2016

Color block tee by monkeysbug

I thought of ending my blog. No time to maintain it. Hardly time to sew anymore.. But then I thought again.. the little that I do.. It helps me later to see it, read what I had to say about it.. to make it again..
So.. I assume from now on it's going to be business mainly - upload the pattern, the picture and my input... for future reference... I bought the color block tee
I liked that it's multi sized (up to size 14). Only two pattern pieces. really really easy. I made it three times, for my three girls, without any changes.

For my little one (4.5 years old) I made size 4. very roomy. For my 12 years old I made size 14. very roomy again. (I like it this way.) They both love their tops and wear them all the time.
My 9 years old however, refuses to wear it. She is very difficult with clothes. not much that she likes. I will sew these tops again. probably for the Summer...

Friday, October 9, 2015

Simplicity 1190- new bag

new bag..
I am not a great fan of sewing bags. I mean.. I like bags, I like sewing.. and I really like the IDEA of sewing bags.. but I don’t really like doing it! This is probably why I got stuck with sewing just one bag a whole month. It kept waiting for me on my sewing table.. staring at me.. I lost all motivation to sit at my table to work!
I really wish I loved sewing bags, cause there are so many cute patterns out there… so many cute fabrics.. so many possibilities.. but I realized that whenever I attempt to sew myself a bag I get stuck.. I lose my energy and motivation…
And since I decided a while ago that I only do FUN SEWING(!!!) I think no more bags for me..
But this doesn’t mean this cute simplicity pattern is not cute, it is! It is cute, explained very well, very clear and the bag is roomy and nice.
This is the pattern: This is the bag:
I have a few comments though..
The bag was intended for my 8.5 years old.. so I added an inside pocket for cell phone and a shuckle for placing the key on. It’s not for school but for trips/afternoons, she may need her key in.
Why “was intended”? the straps are too long. Note, if you make this bag for a child you should shorten the straps.
Changes from the design?
No, but I should have changed: the straps are think.. it’s very difficult to pull them through the bag’s top, and pretty much impossible to close the bag completely.
Will I make it again? Guess not, because I don’t really like sewing bags, as I said.. but I think this bag pattern has a great potential. The bag does get some use.. even though it doesn’t close well..
Ok.. This bag was sewn months ago.. I have uch more stuff that I made to show here. I don't have much time to sew.. but even less time to post.. Still, I try every once in a while..
So, until next time..

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Burda 9418 - for tweens

Hi All
We had Shavout two weeks ago.I needed white dresses for my daughters. For my 4 and 8 years old I didn't bother. I hate white clothes, they get dirty so quickly. I had dresses for them and didn't see the need of making more.
For my tween - well, she wanted a dress. I actually went looking for one. Most of what I saw in the stores was either.. well, not appropriate for her age, or very expensive. So I let her select a pattern, and went for it.
She chose Burda 9418.

I agreed. Thought it could be nice...
I chose view c, size 146cm, which is her almost exact height. I traced and cut, real easy. I followed the instructions, which are basically to attach everything together. it really is easy.
I used white stretch fabric with lace over it. I was afraid it will be boring.. too white. but it's really not!
For the bottom ruffle I used (following my daughter's suggestion) a pink stretch fabric.
Before I finished the sleeves and the neck I had her try it on, It was big, I guess about one size too big. I had to narrow all seams! I think I should have made size 140 with the length of 146. I am happy with the length.
After that the dress fut right on!
Here it is...
I like it. It's easy, modern, long enough and modest enough, and still grownup enough for her!
I wonder if it could pass as a Bat-Mitzva dress????

Thursday, May 14, 2015

April… well, it is over, but though I was not around here, I kept sewing (though not nearly as much as I wanted!)
First, I made the tiger top for my tween. It’s the same pattern I made several times before, Ottobre 01-2014-28. size 146 cm. The fit, as you see, is great. She loves it. I don’t see the point in reviewing it again, couldn't find an easier sleeveless top..

Then I tried something new - an Ottobre top for myself. Yes, I renewed my subscription and included also the women issue. I hope to have at least one really good pattern at each issue.. at least…
I chose Faded stripes. Ot 02-2015-17. Can't recall which size I made. I'll have to update it layter.
I added a band at the bottom and on the sleeves, I like this way of finishing sleeves….
I like it, but I don’t know if I LOVE it though. The pattern is really easy, the fit is good. The instructions are clear. But it’s missing something. Not sure what, I’m not sure I’ll make it again.

I didn't take a photo yet, will do it soon...
Then I decided to make a pattern that is one of the oldest patterns I own, back from the times I just started sewing. simplicity 2268, size 3, for my soon 4 years girl.
Funny, back when I bought this pattern it was supposed to be for my oldest.. not almost 12 years old J
Well, it’s never too late!
I like it. It’s for woven fabric, meaning I get to use my cute fabric with cute prints! This fabric that two years from now I may have nothing to do with it!!! It has NO zippers and NO buttons!!!!
And it still looks cute.

The instructions are very clear and detailed. I remembered how I like
- Tracing patterns and cutting them – without having to to print and tape together…
- The step by step instructions of the big 4!

I think I’m back to paper patterns! After several years of PDFs…

anyway – I did everything exactly as instructed and I like the result – but if I make it again… (why if???? Because I lately counted,.. my 4 years old has 20 dresses, no less!!! I’ve started already a new dress for her birthday, bou after that I honestly doubt I’ll make her another one in the coming year or two…) I’ll make two changes
- Fully line the bodice
- Omit the piece of elastic in the back. It really is meaningless… the ties work well enough

Do I recommend it?
Yes! .lovely, and very easy!
Hope to back in less then two full months J

Monday, March 30, 2015

Spring is officially here!

And I started Summer sewing!
As usual.. there's always this issue of.. why bother???? The girls have so many clothes. cute ones! dresses, etc... My boy also has a lot of clothes...
Actually, my oldest, being a tween and all, is really obsessed now days with the clothes she is willing to dress.. It's difficult to find those rare items in the store, that are priced reasonably and both of us approve of it. I guess most of my Summer sewing will be for her. And for me.. I also need some tops.
But I started with shorts for my 8 years old. She really is a tom boy. She loves wearing dresses, but if they are not VERY comfortable.. she'll never wear them again. same for pants! she refuses to wear Jeans, or any pants/shorts with buttons or zipper. So I was really pleased when she felt this very soft floral denim fabric and decided that yes, I can make her some shorts out of it..

The pattern is Oliver + S Sunny Days Shorts, and it is FREE! You can download it here... I have never used Oliver + S patterns before.. translated to Israeli money they are really expensive.. but I may just have to.. it really is a great pattern!
I did not add anything to this really basic shorts, knowing that for my eight years old any addition might just get in the way of, well... of messing around... I made size 8. It's slightly too big, but the elastics in the waist keep it all in place.

Then I continued with my tween. She chose a really weird fabric, Mottled (I hope I'm using the correct term, this is what google translate gave me). But I don't have much of it so I first made a try of a simple top using some other fabric. The pattern is Ottobre 01-2014-28. I made size 146 exactly as instructed. I finished the neck, sleeves and bottom end of the top with black bands of fabric.I kile this look. My girl loves it and gave me the OK to make the same top with that mottled fabric...

Also for my tween.. The school has some talent show every year, and this year was selected to represent her class. RESPECT, right??? She asked me to make a dress.. She never asks me make her dresses anymore!!! so I had to agree (even though I only had two days.. two work days... for that. I made her my beloved Maria dress, which I made so many times before. Still used size 10, but added seam allowances and added about on inch to the front. That was a mistake, it's too big... So next time I will have to make it narrower (just add seams to the sides do NOT add to the middle!), and make it longer next time. Still, my girl liked it a lot!

Next I plan two tops for myself and.. well.. I have to.. few summers dresses for my younger girls (yes, even though they don't need dresses..)

Thursday, March 12, 2015


To be honest, we do not really use “official nightwear” in my house.
I usually dress the little ones comfortable clothes, and that’s it. The girls use also comfortable old clothes, that are not fit for outerwear anymore…
So do I..
But a friend of mine bought me this fabric (Ok, I asked her too… :-)) and I figured that, hey, next week is Purim.. and during the week before Purim there’s always at least one day that the kids are supposed to come to school/kindergarten with their nightwear! So, I started working..
For my eight years old I used Ottobre 01-2015-16 (Free Starts) size 122cm. I know it’s supposed to a dress but it looks adorable as a nightgown. For the leggings I used MODKID leggings size 132cm (from the book).
For my 3.5 years old girl I used Ottobre 01-2015-16 (Free Stars) size 92cm. This time I added the neck facing with a different color. For the leggings I used Ottobre 06-2009 Stripy legs size 92cm. I added to the bottom of the legs a red fabric band.
For my 3.5 years old boy I use the Harava top of Ottobrre size 92 cm. and I remembered to use bands for the sleeves, neck and legs finishes. For the pants I used that same Stripy legs patternbs but I widened it a lot to make it fit for a boy. It’s still narrow but I think it looks cute!
So there you go!
The pattern review for the XXXX
Well, it’s cute. I don’t think it would work as a dress in my home, since my girls like twirls. But as a nightwear absolutely! Also maybe for the summer as a coverup when going to the swimming pool.
The size is accurate, the fitting is great. The instructions are, well, didn’t really look at them!
I omitted the pockets because I don’t like the kids going to sleep with small stuff in their beds.
No changes other than that.
The kids LOVE their jummies…
And now they are ready for ‘upside down’ day at school!
Note from today.. Purim already happened, also upside down day. The jummies returned home.. well.. very dirty! I'm not even sure I'll be able to clean them!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Happy birthday and yet another bubble dress!

Since my 8 years old was born in the winter, it is always a challenge to find a cute winter dress for her birthday. As in lat year, she chose the Modkid bubble dress again I didn't even have to change the size, since she hardly grew...
So I don't really have much to write...

She chose the fabrics. not really what I liked but.. it was her birthday after all.
The cakes were a challenge: she wanted 'my little pony'. Since I knew it in advance, I order from aliexpress a little pony mold. It was a great help!

The other cake is a dolphin cake. All the sea animals are also from a mold. Let me tell you.. these molds are great! I plan to buy more... very soon. Real life savers. If anyone wants the details on the molds, I'll happily share!
This is NOT my new pattern of the month. I actually have what to show... soon!