Friday, October 9, 2015

Simplicity 1190- new bag

new bag..
I am not a great fan of sewing bags. I mean.. I like bags, I like sewing.. and I really like the IDEA of sewing bags.. but I don’t really like doing it! This is probably why I got stuck with sewing just one bag a whole month. It kept waiting for me on my sewing table.. staring at me.. I lost all motivation to sit at my table to work!
I really wish I loved sewing bags, cause there are so many cute patterns out there… so many cute fabrics.. so many possibilities.. but I realized that whenever I attempt to sew myself a bag I get stuck.. I lose my energy and motivation…
And since I decided a while ago that I only do FUN SEWING(!!!) I think no more bags for me..
But this doesn’t mean this cute simplicity pattern is not cute, it is! It is cute, explained very well, very clear and the bag is roomy and nice.
This is the pattern: This is the bag:
I have a few comments though..
The bag was intended for my 8.5 years old.. so I added an inside pocket for cell phone and a shuckle for placing the key on. It’s not for school but for trips/afternoons, she may need her key in.
Why “was intended”? the straps are too long. Note, if you make this bag for a child you should shorten the straps.
Changes from the design?
No, but I should have changed: the straps are think.. it’s very difficult to pull them through the bag’s top, and pretty much impossible to close the bag completely.
Will I make it again? Guess not, because I don’t really like sewing bags, as I said.. but I think this bag pattern has a great potential. The bag does get some use.. even though it doesn’t close well..
Ok.. This bag was sewn months ago.. I have uch more stuff that I made to show here. I don't have much time to sew.. but even less time to post.. Still, I try every once in a while..
So, until next time..

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