Friday, April 18, 2014

sleeveless tops - women and tweens

Hi all.
It's spring here.. Passover. we had big plans for this holiday. Both my husband and myself took days off work.. we planned to travel, do things.
Then, a week before the holiday.. my husband broke his leg.. when taking out the garbage!!!! Can you believe it?? If you think you remember such a post in the past.. yes, two years ago.. a week before the holiday I broke my ankle when doing the laundry. I think both my husband and me are not cut out for house work!!

So I'm trying to survive eight days with four kids at home!!! It's not a good holiday :-(

Anyway, trying to get ready for the coming Summer, I realized that all my kids have so many clothes! Too many to fit into their closets... The one exception is my tween... She's getting bigger and taller... and she's getting very difficult to sew for, and frankly, also to buy for! The clothes she loves are clothes that I think are not appropriate for her age!!!

I also need a few more clothes. Mostly casual wear, for work and for afternoons in the playground, since that's all I ever do...(Does it sounds as if I complain??? Most of the time I really don't, but this past week with my husband sitting and enjoying himself while I try to entertain the kids and cook.. well, it's not my best time..)

So my first Summer projects for the season are the easiest tops, two for myself and two for my tween...

The pattern for my top is KS2965 view B. I traced the pattern before, size M. and narrowed it down a lot to fit me. Now it's a great fit.

The pattern I used for my tween is Ottobre 01-2014-28. Also a sleeveless top, I made size 146 for my 140 cm girl, and I do not leave seam allowance when I cut the pattern. No need to check the instructions. I make it the same way I made my KS sleeveless tops:
sew the back and front together at shoulder and side
sew two binding peaces together
sew the neck binding to the neck opening right sides together and fold the binding back and sew..

Sp for the coming month I guess I'll concentrate on some items for my tween. I plan two dresses, two more tops, and two tights. I doubt I'll actually have the time.. but I'll try. If I am lucky I'll squeeze in a dress for myself (yes, one more for my closet, I never wear them...) and a dress for 7 years old.. we'll see.. Happy holiday all!!!