Friday, August 13, 2010

my first "real" skirt - Butterick 5042

I have a friend that wears skirts. Lots and lots of skirts. and she looks great in them.
I, on the other hand, wear pants. only pants.
But I thought of trying...
I chose Butterick 5042, which looks so nice!

Isn't it a pretty skirt? I reminds of the Redondo by Studio Tantrum, which I LOVE and made many times for my girls. Now that I think of it, I need to make more!

Anyhow - b5042 is a swirl skirt, in three lengthes. I made at fist view B, medium length. No, it didn't look good!
I then chose view A (knee length) size 12. It was too big. still no good.
I then made size 10.
twice already.
First version is from quilting cotton

Second is from a more flowing fabric. I think it is a better choice for this type of skirt.

Apologies for the bad pictures.. poor lighting and poor camera (not to mention my pictures taking skills..) all combined...

I actually like these skirts. A lot!
I wore them a couple of times. I still feel weird wearing skirts.. as if I pretending to be someone I'm not... But I hope to get over it!

a few comments:
1. Sizing - I think I am size 12 (below my waist) but I made size 10 here... so I think this pattern runs big.. I'm not sure since this is my first skirt pattern.
2. zipper, wasn't that bad...
3. finishing - I used my serger.. two difficult any other ways.
4. I used a button rather then whatever closing the pattern call for.
5. Important note when cuttong - the pattern pieces are NOT cut on the fold. the skirt pattern piece is cut 4 times on the righh side of the fabric! (I actually drafted it twice to make it easier and placed one piece inside the other to save fabric. kind of like this

Except these are pieces of the Laguna skirt (again, Studio Tantrum, need to make this skirt again too!), but the principe is the same - place one pattern piece inside the other one...

We have a new family member at home. a new puppy, very sweet... name Chicka. Pictures soon...


  1. These are lovely, especially in the more flowing fabric! I'm just about to make one of these skirts.

    What a clever idea to fit the pattern pieces inside each other. That would take a lot less fabric. Can you remember, how much fabric did you need?


  2. Hi Caroline!
    Thanks for your comment!
    I really don't remember... but I'm pretty sure it was less then 2 yards though not much less). I had pnly two yards of the green quilting cotton, and I managed to get the skirt done.
    Good luck!