Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Encinitas - and a new decision...

First... my decision...
Hard as it is, I've decicided to stop buying fabric and patterns until I make better use of what I have.
I think it is called 'sewing from stash'... right? Stash of fabric and patterns.
There will be exceptions, I suppose, (for example, I hardly have any nice stretch fabric at the moment...) but I'll try to limit it. The reason is both the ecomony and the limited space in my closet...
So, all of the projects I am currently doing are from my fabric stash, and when it is reduced I'll have the pleasure of buying again... I can't wait!

Now, The Encinitas... I wasn't sure about this pattern... still not sure. But my 8 years old loves it...

The patterns arrives only in German, but it's not difficult. It is basically a regular peasent top with a 'leaf' skirt. There are two layers to the skirt, the inside one is sewed as usual, the outer one has pockets (not visual in my pictures), but you could just as easily leave the pockets out and that would make it a really easy and quick little dress.
I finished the wo layers of the skirt with bias tape, which makes it a bit 'jumpy'. My dd loves the effect.
I'm not sure how I feel about this dress. It is special, sure, and twirly, and my 5 years old already asked for a dress 'just like this one' too... so for the girls it's a success. But something doesn't look right to me, not sure what. If I do it again I'll lengthen the top part, I think it is a bit too short, and I may leave the pockets out.

This dress is all from stash fabric... so I'm OK so far!

I'm returning to work tomorrow morning... I guess my limited crafting time will be far more limited then...

Till next time then.. :-)

Monday, December 19, 2011

new beginings...

Well, I was away again... but this time I have the best excuse... I really had no computer.
I was informed about a month ago, that the company (a startup) I worked in for the past 5 years, was sold.. that's great news of course.. for the share holders. Not so much for me. It means looking for a new job...
So, I had to return my computer, hence my limited computer access, and worry about finding a new job.
I will start my new job in two weeks, in Tel Aviv. That's pretty far from my home, I hope I will be able to do that... I worry about seeing my babies for only 3 hours before they go to sleep... not being able to do anything with my girls...
well, work is a MUST at this stage of our lives... I'll just need to make it work, right???
On the good side, I think I'll be able 2-3 times a year to travel after work to Nahalt Binyamin, the fabric street of Israel.... Up until now it was ajust too far, took months of arrangements.. but when I work 20 minutes from there... :-)

But in the meantime, I made quiet a few things. Some deaseve a post of their own, as they are new patterns Ive tried, but some are just old stuff I made again.
For example - This bag is made according this Simplicity 2396, which I already made several times. see here for example. I made it again, this time a bigger version, as I will need a space for a book, now that I'll have to take the train to get to work... and I added a zipper to fully close the bag, so nothing can fall out.

I also made a new Jalie sweetheart top for myself... But I made a mistake, I didn't follow the instructions (I thought I remembered them so well...) so it looks a little different, but I like it! The sleeves turned out a little short, so I think I'll cut it to be a short sleeve top pretty soon..

I made some more stuff, but I think those deserve their own entry... So I'll finish with this adorable pictures... don't you think???

I hope that now, when I have a computer, I can blog more often, and more important - keep track of what haooens in the sewing world, in other blogs!!!!