Monday, April 19, 2010

Many Many Colors

I finally got my camera back!
So this is what I planned to post a couple of days ago...
Israel is celebrating Independence Day, I thought this would be a great excuse to make my girls new dresses...
I know, I said several times, they both have enough, but in fact, my 6 years old has gotten so tall... none of her old dresses fit anymore. My 3 years old does have many dresses, but most of them are not new. So there you go... They needed new dresses!
This time I chose Farbenmix Tini!

So, I don't often make stuff with English instructions... But I tried. I did have a problem. I made three dresses, three different ways.
I thought for some reason that the waist part is supposed to be more close fitting, with elastics, but didn't know how to do it. I don't like the use of the bobbin's elastics thread for that, I am not sure why, but it sometimes gets torn after washing...
So for the first dress, I added a band, and put elastics in it.

For the second dress - I made the front part longer and added the elastics behind it.

For the third dress - I made the front part just a bit longer, and didn't put elastics in it - so it took far less time...

I like them all!
But I think I like this last one, the soft pink one, the most!
I added these cute hair clips to match the dresses. This is so easy! I made it from a photo guide in Polka Dot Pineapple

The really hard thing about this pattern - is stopping.. It's kind of addictive. I could have done many more, and my girls would wear them all..,
but I have so many additional patterns to try!

A bit more...
Yesterday I spent the morning with a friend, tracing and cutting!
I now have about four projects that are already cut, and four more that are already traced...
It was good, and productive!

My plans for the coming two weeks -
1. Try a dress for myself... My parents have a surprise party to celebrate my mom's 60th birthday... I would like to have something new and nice to wear!
2. A baby girl gift for a friend...
3. Two more Tini-s for my girls.

On another matter - when checking for spelling mistakes using this ABC icon - I always get - no spelling errors! Even when I know there are some! why is that? Does anybody know???

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Burda 07-2008-118

I made a new top for myself using Burda 07-08-118....
I was supposed to make the twist top from Butterick, but it was too diffcult for me...
I needed something easy, some quick success...
Here's the pattern -

The instructions were VERY easy! (I do not say it often about Burda... right?). The order in which to work was very clear... and the parts perfectly match one another!
But - this patterns runs big. I made size 40, I'll have to do again in 38.
There were really no special issues here, very plain. I did change a little bit - I narrowed the body a bit to make it a bit more 'with shape' and I cut about 2 inches of the length. It still looks a bit like a pregnancy top, don't you think?
And I am not pregnant...
So, my conclusions for next time -
1. make it shorter in length
2. make it a size smaller (38 instead of 40)
here it is... (OK, here I am :-)). I may post it for Spring top week. what do you think?

too many circles.. I think. On the other hand, I may just not be used to it, most of the tops I make for myself are dark and more solid... But I like it... I'll wear even though it's too big and not my usual colors...

I also managed to make a size 6 (approxmately) patchwork skirt for a friend's daugters... I was hoping to try it on my 6 years old, but when I only showed it to her she almost cried when she understood the skirt wasn't hers... I put it away.... that's the only pictue I have.

I still have a lot of plans for this month -
1. pants for myself
2. two dresses for my girls (Tini by Farbenmix... I am struggling with it now, not sure how the skirt is attached to to the top. German instuctions do not help much...).
3. Some other small stuff I was hoping to make as gifts... not sure which yet...
well, till next time then :-)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Kwik Sew 2605 - swim suits!

Well, This was such an easy thing to do. what can I say??? great instructions, very clear pattern!
This is my first kwik sew pattern to try,
I made View C. I prefer full body swimming suits, but to be honest, tankini allows girls more to be more independent.. going to the bathroom. They manage it better. So I decided to made two suits each, and decide which one to wear by the occasion...

I love it!
It runs from size 4 to 7. I graded it down a bit for my 3 years old... I didn't do such a good job, but it still looks good.

For my 6 years old I made size 6, right out of the paper, nothing was changed... Great fit!

I really like that the pattern is very well illustrated, very nicely explained, and the paper is a joy to work with! (not this see through paper I'm used to from the bug 4)!
These aren't very good pictures, because once I finished these items, the wether became cooler again, so our beach plans were changed.
On another note, tomorrow Passover is over. I think it's good. I actually miss work a little bit :-)