Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My new bag - Simplicity 2396

As promised, I made a new bag for myself, and I LOVE it!
The pattern is really very simple, I guess I could draft it myself... But I like it better to buy patterns and use them :-)

Here is the pattern:

This time I decided it will be my perfect bag! I made sure it looked big enough, I placed two pockets inside and a zippered pocket outside, and I even added a cute little 'thing' (see in the picture below) on a loop inside the bag, making roon for me to "hang" my keys so they wouldn;t get lost inside the mess in the bag!

And it is perfect!


The pattern Review
I really didn't need the instructions for this bag! It is so easy!
So I can't even comment on how easy or difficult they are...
The bag is very roomy, I like that about it!
Changes from the original design:
I added a zippered pocket on the outside and two pockets on the inside. (not zippered, but next time I'll make them zippered also).

fabric used:
quilting cotton, I interfaced the outer fabric, all the pockets and the shoulder straps.

Will I make it again:
Yes, a friend already asked me for a bag, just like this one but a little smaller, and I plan to make another one for myself too.
I love it, did I mention that?

Coming up next... an unsuccssful swimming suit experience, and an I'm-not-sure skirt...
soon, I hope...


  1. Hi Michal! Thanks so much for your visits to my blog and your sweet comments about my bags! I love this bag you made...and I can tell you're like me...I always change things up when I purchase a pattern!

    The woman that designed this pattern has a blog...http://sweetpeatotes.blogspot.com/ - plus she has an Etsy store if you want to just browse and see the different things she makes.

    Thanks again for stopping by and please visit any time!