Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Magic Skirts.. AKA Skorts!

I never knew these are called skorts... so at my home we refer to them as "Magic Skirts", skirts with shorts under them, and they are a big hit!
I used Emily by Mamu Design.

I made the Skort, I like this pattern for having so many options in it... not to mention it includes many sizes of doll size patterns... a great deal!
But, The English translation is not that good. Maybe it's me - I am not experienced enough, and I do not understand English well enough, to understand the instructions... That's pretty bad, because at the moment I have quiet a few patterns by this company that I really hesitate about buying... I wish they had photo toturials for each pattern, same as Farbenmix. This would help a LOT!
anyway - I already made two for my little one, and one for my bigger one... they both love it!
The two for my little one

I thought that was enough, but my 6.5 years old wanted one (or more) too... and I actually like these, because even at 6.5.. still it's usefull during playtime to have some shorts under the skirt...
So here's her version

Now for the actual pattern review...
I like the paper, it is thick, and the parts are well drawn.
As for the instructions... I already noted, it might be my poor English, but other then the skort, which is easy enough to understand, I found the other views confusing... I may give it another try one day though.
The pattern seems a bit on the big side to me. It's a skirt, so I don't mind... but I made both the girls a size too small (because I copied the pattern pieces last year, but didn't get to it until now) and just left seam allowances. and the skorts are big.
In the original pattern the ruffle part is only on the back side. I chose to make it also on the front... I like it better this way.
No other chances were made...
all in all - I like it, as for the other views, I need to cut the pieces and play with it until I understand...
The skort itself is very usefull for a child who plays on sand and dirt, so I see many more coming for my little one...

Coming up next - shorts for myself!


  1. Super cute skorts!

    And for the record I know a few people who find Mamu instructions confusing and their first language is English. I am one of those btw!

  2. They are very pretty - the skorts and the girls!

    When I have patterns on heavy paper (KwikSew and Stretch&Sew) I always trace the patterns onto something lighter. I used to use non-woven non-fusible interfacing, but now I use PatternEase

  3. Too precious!!! I enjoy your blog!