Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My new turtles!

As soon as I saw the pattern, in melly&me blog, I knew I had to have it!

(picture from the Melly&me site)

I do not usually make stuffies, but every so often, there's one that I must make.
And I have some unresolved issues with turtles, aren't they cute? small, slow, wild animals, not 'cute' in the actual sense of the word, not colorful or furry,,, but very cute as a stuffed animal.
Here are some turtles I made in the past - birthday cakes..

Isn't it funny how our favorites suffed animals (and cakes, for that matter) are those 'simple', grey, animals? turtles, elephants, bears... not the colorfull ones, such as birds...

So here are my new turtles...

I put on the spots before sewing the shell, which is why the spots are not very nice... but the girls do not care. They both asked for two turtles, a boy and a girl... I will have to get to that...

The Pattern Review
Usually I find the instructions by Melly&me a bit lacking... only words, for me, since my English is not that good, it is sometimes hard to follow.
This pattern was a great surprise, it was followed with some drawings to explan very well how to attach the inner legs so that it will look very good, and I folloiwed it without a problem! (you can find similar instructions here)
This is an easy pattern, but really cute!
The turtle is small... kind of the size of a real turtle. I think I'll enlarge it and make larget turtles the next time I do it.

I'll make them and I think it is a great beginner's pattern!


  1. Very cute. The cakes and the softies!

  2. Oh, they are really lovely! The stuffed ones are very cute and the sweet turtles look VERY yummy!

  3. These turned out cute! And you are right, it's funny how we tend to gravitate toward more bland colored animals and not beautiful ones like colorful birds.