Saturday, July 31, 2010

NewLook 6613 and Simplicity 2467

new summer dresses for my girls!
These dresses are easy!
In fact, Newlook 6613 is one of the first patterns I ever tried! and it was great from the first try!
I already made it several times for the my big girl and some of her friends.
I really like the shape of it and how easy it is... but I don't like the exposed back.
This time I wanted to add a bolero.. I looked for a sleeveless dress to make to match... and NL6613 seemed just the right thing!

I already posted a pattern review for this pattern right here!

The bolero I chose is from Simplicity 2467:

And here are the results...

Now for some conclusions and thoughts...
1. I like the dress, simple as it is. It can be embalished, but I chose to only add piping (my first piping!!!!) as I thought it will look better this way.
2. For my almost 7 years old I made size 8, and made the elastics in the back in a smaller size. I made ths skirt longer, since she really likes long dresses. The fit is great!
3. for my 3.5 years old... well - here's a problem I have and I had to see it coming... In all of her fitted dresses lately... they are very snug on her! I know why! I made her size 3... I should have made 4. I made the elastics pretty tight... In my mind she's still a baby! I can't seem to get over that! After I cut the fabric (or before, when I trace the pattern) it just looks to big for her! I keep forgetting that my baby is getting bigger! But that's my problem... Not the pattern!

Simplicity 2467:
1. I made the bolero - twice. Size 6 for Lady H, size 3 for lady N. They were both big! wearable... but way too big!
2. I like the shape - and how easy it is. So easy... took me about an hour to sew!
3. I changed the design just a bit - instead of a button and a loop. I decided to add ribbons on both sides to make the bolero two sided!

4. I'll have to make it again, but in solid color, something to go with every sleevless outfit my girls have...

I also have a skirt pattern to share... But it'll have to wait, as I still don't have any pictures...

Bye for now!