Saturday, May 12, 2012

The handkerchief hem dress - another (great) e-pattern

I told you I bought several new ePatterns lately, This is the second one

I wanted it because... well, isn't it a cute dress? It goes up to size 5, so I only bought it because as soon as my little one starts walking I can dress her with such a cute dress! But in the meantime I made it for my 5 years old, who really doesn't need any more dresses! not even one!!!

and look... Isn't she adorable???

Pattern review:

Great instructions, great sizing.

The pattern has several features that enable fitting of the dress (such as the placement of the botton holes in the back), which I like, because the dress will fit great even next year.

The front part is made out of two parts, and you need to put a ribbon to connect them, but infact, you do not this front opening to put the dress on, because the dress is wide enough due to the back opening. I may just put that ribbon in the front for decor purposes only next time, and cut the front on the fold...

I love the pattern, because it is cute, and special, and yet - very easy. If you can sew button holes, you can sew this dress.

To another issue, I had my cast removed, and while I still find it difficult to walk and my ankle is swollen, I'm going back to work tomorrow... less creativity time... but a good thing I guess.. (I worked from home these past few weeks, but being home, I allowed myself some time for creative issues here and there... no more of that!)

and one last thing... I want to make myself a dress... can anyone recommend a pattern that is easy, comfortable, not too revealing and fit a not-very-thin woman in her late 30s with a big bottom part??????

Thanks! and have a good week!

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  1. I love this dress, and the fabric, there's an Ottobre one with a similar hem that I've been thinking of making for a while. I hope your ankle will be ok.
    About a dress - Sewaholic patterns have a new summer dress 'Cambie' ? If I think of another one I'll be back :-)