Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Ceci shorts - e-pattern

First, sorry - there are no line breaks in this post. why is that???? I put them is but they are not displayed... SORRY!!!! I hope blogger fix it soon!!!!!!!!!! Now to my post: I do not usually buy ePatterns. Somehow it feels that there's more value in a paper pattern.. for me at least. Plus, I really hate having to print the pages, tape them all together, and cut them. I'd much rather pay for the delivery of the pattern to me. But sometimes the patterns I want are available only in the form of ePatterns... This was the case with several patterns I bought lately. (Yes, several, there are more reviews like this one to come). The first e-pattern I'll review is the Ceci shorts. I wanted shorts for my 8 years old, that will be convenient (as in no-zipper), and still look 'cool' as she put it. I thought the Ceci shorts will work. And I was right... I made two pairs, size 8 (the largest size this pattern has). The fit is great! My girl LOVES these new shorts.
My 5 years old asked for a pair too.. I reminded her how she insisst of going with skirts/dresses only... so she agreed with me, no point in making it for her. Pattern review: What can I say.. Great pattern! As I said, the fit is great, The explanations are great. For both version I used some kind of drill for the main fabric and wither soft baby cord or drill for the tie fabric. My only issue with this pattern is that it goes up to size 8 only... when for my the sizes below are kind of useless, as my 5 years old prefer skirts... But anyway, highly recommended pattern! Have a good week!

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  1. They're gorgeous shorts, and I love the fabric you've used. All the Blogger changes are annoying me too - I can't find anything :-)