Saturday, May 26, 2012

Modkid swimming suit

I've been meaning to post this for at least two weeks... but it's been hectic around here lately. For one thing, I've started looking for a new job, closer to home. I'm not sure this is the right thing to do. I wish someone paid me for the things I like doing :-)

Anyway, my girls started swimming lessons last week. I think my 5 years old is too young, but my husband didn't agree. Time will tell. In the meantime, I made the swimming suits from the modkid book.(Look here to see more of the items I made from this book..)

This is not the first time I'm sewing swimming suits, It's not easy for me. But this pattern is! Really! (This is my previous nice swimming suits I made).

Here's what I got... The pictures are bad, from home, with all the mess around... but you forgive me, right?
The pattern review..

What can I tell... it's such an easy cute pattern, and yet so modern and with good coverage, I LOVE it, and so do the girls. The explanations are great, the fit is wonderful!
Will I make it again? yes, for sure! as long as my girls like it!
Do I recommend it? yes, the easiest swimsuit pattern ever!
Sizing: As all the patterns in the book - goes up to age 10... I still have a year or two for my oldest :-)
On another note and from another book, my 8 years old wanted to make her teacher a birthday present. Here's what she made... it's the cutest little dog from Girls world, The fantastic book by Jennifer Paganelli.

Look how proud she is!

And yes, I helped her a bit, but she did most of the work by herself...

That's it for now. Happy Shavout all of you, and have a good week!


  1. Gorgeous swimsuits! And well done to your daughter for making her teachers present, she did a great job. Happy holiday :-)

  2. I love them! Thanks for the awesome review! You did a fantastic job with those. :)