Sunday, September 20, 2009

my first (and second Feliz)

Hi All,
Happy new Year!
I thought I wouldn't make it, but at the very last minute, several hours before the new year's dinner started, I finished both my girls' new dresses!
I decided on Feliz!
This is the pattern, to those who never heard of it

and here are my girls wearing their dresses!

This one was size 116cm - it fits nice, but too short to my taste, so I added the ruffles on the innerdress bottom...

and my little one

I love these dresses, my girls look (to me) like little ladies in these dresses!
I couldn'y have finished it, if it wasn't for the wonderfull sew-along by trilllumdesign! . It has four parts and it explains what lacks on the pattern! The actual directions that arrive with the pattern are really so poor!

I'll make these again, for sure! I don't know if my 6 years old will want another one, she's getting big! Developing her own taste!!! But my 2.5 years old is still small enough - I'll make use of the pattern again! When my little one is too old for that... well, I may have to make another baby girl :-)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Better late then never...

I've been meaning to post this for a while, but kept waiting for better pictures.. Well, the current pictures will just have to do!
This is my work for the past two weeks or so...
For my sister's new baby (due next week!)
I made him this cute Ottobrre overall, now I added my first attempt of a baby blanket -

I made this binding using this link - . It was very helpful!

Now I'm ready for that baby :-)

I made my first try with the Emily pattern - I made my 2.5 years old shorts with skirts over it, made of poly cotton fabric that I didn't like - just to try. I made also the cute hat, I don't find the link!!! As soon as I do - I'll write it!

But I'll show pictures soon....

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Butterick 4277

Hi all,

The summer is over! Finally! This is my first Friday off in so long... Both girls are in the kindergarten, and I have 3.5 hours all to myself!!!
Now, since the Summer is over, I minimized my Summer sewing. I'm still thinking whether of not I should make the girls new dresses for new year... Seems like a waste, since these must be summer dresses, and next year it probably won't fit!
In the meantime, I made my 6 years old two pairs of pants from Butterick 4277.
Here it is

The review and lessons learned:
1. I made size 6, (for a 6 years old). It was Huge!!!!! I shortened it more and more, also on the sides!!!
2. It was very easy - once I had adjusted the pattern - it was very quick to make! Should I need to make Lady H more winter pants - it'll be very easy!
3. The pants seems comfortable. Not too tight, not too roomy!
4. I'[m a bit disappointed - they do NOT look like the drawing - I though they will be wider at the bottom, but they don't.
They still look OK, Hopefully this winter when I insist Lady H should wear pants and not a skirt or a dress, she'll agree!

I have made many more small items lately: Emily for my 2.5 years old, a baby blanket, a bag for myself.. all in the next post!

Good Day!