Sunday, September 20, 2009

my first (and second Feliz)

Hi All,
Happy new Year!
I thought I wouldn't make it, but at the very last minute, several hours before the new year's dinner started, I finished both my girls' new dresses!
I decided on Feliz!
This is the pattern, to those who never heard of it

and here are my girls wearing their dresses!

This one was size 116cm - it fits nice, but too short to my taste, so I added the ruffles on the innerdress bottom...

and my little one

I love these dresses, my girls look (to me) like little ladies in these dresses!
I couldn'y have finished it, if it wasn't for the wonderfull sew-along by trilllumdesign! . It has four parts and it explains what lacks on the pattern! The actual directions that arrive with the pattern are really so poor!

I'll make these again, for sure! I don't know if my 6 years old will want another one, she's getting big! Developing her own taste!!! But my 2.5 years old is still small enough - I'll make use of the pattern again! When my little one is too old for that... well, I may have to make another baby girl :-)

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