Thursday, September 3, 2009

Butterick 4277

Hi all,

The summer is over! Finally! This is my first Friday off in so long... Both girls are in the kindergarten, and I have 3.5 hours all to myself!!!
Now, since the Summer is over, I minimized my Summer sewing. I'm still thinking whether of not I should make the girls new dresses for new year... Seems like a waste, since these must be summer dresses, and next year it probably won't fit!
In the meantime, I made my 6 years old two pairs of pants from Butterick 4277.
Here it is

The review and lessons learned:
1. I made size 6, (for a 6 years old). It was Huge!!!!! I shortened it more and more, also on the sides!!!
2. It was very easy - once I had adjusted the pattern - it was very quick to make! Should I need to make Lady H more winter pants - it'll be very easy!
3. The pants seems comfortable. Not too tight, not too roomy!
4. I'[m a bit disappointed - they do NOT look like the drawing - I though they will be wider at the bottom, but they don't.
They still look OK, Hopefully this winter when I insist Lady H should wear pants and not a skirt or a dress, she'll agree!

I have made many more small items lately: Emily for my 2.5 years old, a baby blanket, a bag for myself.. all in the next post!

Good Day!

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