Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My First boy's garment!

Well, my sister is about to give birth to a baby boy. Since I have two girls, I never had the chance to sew anything for a boy before. When I decided to sew an overall, I faced to issues:
1. How do I sew for a baby I know nothing about? How do I know what size he'll be???? How to sew for a baby that wasn't born yet??? I decided on size 62 cm. He's supposed to be a big baby and the overall is made out of baby corduroy, so it should fit the baby when is about 2 months old... well into the winter.
2. fabrics - I didn't need much fabric for this project... very little in fact, but of all the fabric that I have - NONE of it fit a boy!!!!
so I had to go fabric shopping... This time I really had to :-)

I am now even happier with my two princesses! finding cute boys fabric is hard!

Well, I did find!
here is it - Puuheppa overalls for a new baby (from Ottobrre, I don't remember the issue right now... but I think it's 4/2008)

Isn't is cute?
I also made another Simplicty 3759. I love this fabric, but I messed this top up, I didn't do the gathering properly, and when I did the top bend, it didn't come up nice, I had to redo it, twice. Well, I learned my lesson! next time - I'll pin the bend to the neck opening first, and sew only when I see that it fits nicely.

Good day!

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