Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Look what the mail brought me :-)

Wow, so much!!!!
I am still waiting for my August Burda magazine (though frankly, I;m not sure I have anything from there to make at the moment...)
But look what I did get!!!

I won this in a giveaway run by Bettsy Kingston. Thank you, Bettsy, it is adorable. Both my girls loved it!!!!
Then I got this this adorable eBay store . Look:

I do not sell stuff that I make, but I realised that my girl usually find the front and the back of dresses, skirts and pants by the label attached to back side.. so I thought I would add one too... isn't it pretty?
If anyone is wondering - N&L is for the nicknames of my daughters...

Once I get my burda, I'll have nothing to wait for on the mail... It's time to plan another buy!

I'll post soon on my latest work!

Good day,

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