Friday, August 7, 2009

Simplicity 3759

Hi all!
last week I finished several tops for me :-). All of them knit fabric... I regret to say - I almost have nothing left...
so - I made two more of the NewLook 6405. Still love it! I actually meant to make the long sleeve version, but them decided that winter is still not so close... so I made two more tops.
Here's one:

I actually like my first version better, I think the two color combination makes it nicer... But this one is also good...
Then I got around to Simplicty 3759:

I made the small size. I actually cut it long ago but this is such a terrible fabric. So thin and slippery... I was afraid of working with it. Then I decided to make it a muslin version... but I turned really good!
I again skipped the top stitch, had to.. Other then that, no changes.
I'll make it again, in a better fabric, because I'm not sure this one will survive the washing machine :-(

I still have so much planned... I plan to make another Laguna skirt for my big girl, a T Shirt for my husband, another top for myself...
Then, I promise, I'll start preparing for the winter...
Good day!

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