Tuesday, August 14, 2012

a quick little post - skorts!

Well, the Summer is almost over. I can't wait... Everything seems so much more difficult when it's so hot outside!
We just returned from a short vacation neer the Cineret. It was so busy... the girls, even the twins, had a lot of fun, but my dh and myself.. we now need a vacation of our own.
But it's time to think of some back to school wordrobe, right? just two more weeks... Here's what I am planning:
1. two skorts for each one of the girls
2. 2 shorts each
3. 2 long pants each

And I started.
So far I made one skort each, and a matching doll dress. Skorts are a big success in my house. I like it and so do the girls. For the first skort I made my beloved old Emily for both.
Here's what I got.

I need more skorts for them, I'll be making some more, maybe from the Modkid swimming suit pattern. What do you think? would it work? (I'll be making it a bit longer, of course)
I also want another dress for myself. I baught two patterns, and I'm eager to try them. Also pants for myself.
and, yes, a quilt! I've started it so long ago, since I'm arriving at that frightenning stage of filling it, binding it... and I'm afraid because of all of the work that was already put into that top...
I guess I'll just have to try...
Hope you have a great time for the rest of the summer vacation...


  1. Hey Michal,

    I wanted to sew the skorts too - is it PDF pattern, or now I need to sit and wait ?


    1. Hi Maya,
      It is not a pdf pattern, sorry... I bought it from Mamu Design. You can find it in many online shops.
      Are you from Israel?