Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Giveaway at Izzy & Ivy

I love sewing patterns!
Especially those special ones that look hand made simply because you can never see something like that in RTW clothes. Especially for children... Especially for girls.
I just saw this giveaway.. right here

Look at their patterns! Aren't they adorable????
I hope I win!

Monday, December 14, 2009


I've loved this pattern since I saw it!
But I only decided to buy it last month!
I know - It is not a practical thing - rompers... now for a kid who no longer wears diapers. But - everything doesn't have to be practical... right?
Anyway - my 6 years old asked for a romper, so it gave me the best excuse to buy the pattern.
It came together very quickly and easily!
I made size 86 cm for my 3 years old. I lengthened the pants part to make it winter romper, added ruffles for fun.
I placed the pockets in the wrong place, didn't realize it until it was too late.
I also didn't have a way to put these cute ribbons on the packets so I just stitched ribbons on the pockets.
The instructions - I downloaded them from the Farbenmix site.
and I used this photo tutorial .
The only 'problem' I have with the instructions - it was difficult for me to understand how to put the elastic under the arm. I finally just put a casing there after the top part was all lined and ready and put the elastic in and then sewed it on the side. I'm not sure this is the way it was supposed to be, but it worked well.
Also - for the ties the instructions say 'cut 2 on folded fabric - for 2 ties'. I saw 'for 2 ties' and sew I cut only two then had to cut two more.
Other then that - I just love it!

and so does my kid!

I'm starting now size 116 cm for my 6 years old!

Sunday, December 6, 2009


I don't need any more tops for myself!
I do NOT need any more patterns!
And yet, when friends from work arrived to Germany I ordered to their hotel two more patterns by Farbenmix!
One of them is Zoela!
I saw all these great examples in here, and thought that this top has so much potential!
SO I got it last Sunday and within two evenings I had my first top!

I made size 38-40 but It felt a bit big on me, so the next time I left much smaller seam allowances, hardly any, and made the top about 5 cm shorter in length, and I got this.

They did not turn out as cute as in the link I gave but that's because I do not have the best knits for the pattern! But I'll get some!
I'm taking a break from tops for myself for the next month or so.
I need to make a couple of more dresses for my girls and start planning their costume for Purim!

I did make a bag!
But will write about it a little later :-)
so that's it for now!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

it's been so long...

But I'm still here.
I've been really busy!
November is a big month in out family. My daughter turned 6 two weeks ago and all the preparations and celebrations left me exhausted!
So let me show you what I have done!
First - Sasha for both my girls!

And then there are the cakes. She had three separate parties! a simple party at the kindergarten, a simple party at the Zaharon (the place she spends her noons until I get back from work), and a big celebration with all her fiends and family.

It is finally over now! (Though I have my nephew's birthday coming up next week, and it is my job to make him the cake).
I was still able to do just a Little bit of sewing!
I made a simple version of KIM to my 10 years old niece. I've bought the pattern since when the winter started I realised I have no clothes for my 6 years old! she's gotten so big!
so it was a great excuse to get KIM (along with some other Farbenmix patterns!).
The day I got the package, i also got a huge pile of clothes from my sister's 10 years old daughter... Now I have so many clothes for my own girls!
So i thought I;ll make my niece some pants. She and my sister are both very 'old fashioed' where it comes to clothing. There can;t be any two fabrics, just one, preferably denim...
so this is what I made -

I'm supposed to get a picture of my niece wearing it.

and yesterday I finished a raglan top for me. I'm not too happy with the fit. The pattern is 12-2006-107. I made size 40 and I think it is too big (That's a first!).
I've made it somewhat different then written in the instructions. I learned from past reviews that the neck is way too low, so I made a bit higher. I also didn;t use the facing as recommended, but rather a binding, which made the cleavage even better. But - the shoulders are too wide, it's generally too big. The sleeves are VERY long, I thing if I make it again I can take several cm off. I think it is wearable, but not nice. I may try to make is again in size 38.. But I'm not sure!
Anyhow, here it is -

This is what the shoulder look like..

Well, till next time :-)

Monday, October 5, 2009

First Jelie Pattern Ever

Hi All,
I made my first Jalie pattern! The sweetheart top! And I love it!
I'll soon post a formal review, of course, but here it is -

This pattern had so many great reviews on PatternReview that I just had to try it. in spite of how much it costs...
Well, I was not disappointed!
I had one problem with the instructions! for some reason the numbers on the pattern pieces did not match the numbers in the actual instructions! Weird!
But after some confusion I just ignored it!
Unlike most of the pattern that I made for my self -
1. The sizing is good! I made size W, according to my measurements, and it fits!
2. each step is explained well!
I will make this top again, in a better fabric, and in long sleeves too!

I am now in the process of making a winter Sasha for my 6 years old daughter, her birthday is coming up next month, lots of stuff to finish by then!

On another note, I'm disappointed by my subscription to BWOF. I had 3 issues by now, and I like none of them!
I hope it gets better soon!!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

giveaway on Lila Tueller's blog!

I just saw this wonderful giveaway, I hope I win!
here it is -
"Jelly Roll" and a "Layer Cake" Giveaway!

good luck!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

my first (and second Feliz)

Hi All,
Happy new Year!
I thought I wouldn't make it, but at the very last minute, several hours before the new year's dinner started, I finished both my girls' new dresses!
I decided on Feliz!
This is the pattern, to those who never heard of it

and here are my girls wearing their dresses!

This one was size 116cm - it fits nice, but too short to my taste, so I added the ruffles on the innerdress bottom...

and my little one

I love these dresses, my girls look (to me) like little ladies in these dresses!
I couldn'y have finished it, if it wasn't for the wonderfull sew-along by trilllumdesign! . It has four parts and it explains what lacks on the pattern! The actual directions that arrive with the pattern are really so poor!

I'll make these again, for sure! I don't know if my 6 years old will want another one, she's getting big! Developing her own taste!!! But my 2.5 years old is still small enough - I'll make use of the pattern again! When my little one is too old for that... well, I may have to make another baby girl :-)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Better late then never...

I've been meaning to post this for a while, but kept waiting for better pictures.. Well, the current pictures will just have to do!
This is my work for the past two weeks or so...
For my sister's new baby (due next week!)
I made him this cute Ottobrre overall, now I added my first attempt of a baby blanket -

I made this binding using this link - . It was very helpful!

Now I'm ready for that baby :-)

I made my first try with the Emily pattern - I made my 2.5 years old shorts with skirts over it, made of poly cotton fabric that I didn't like - just to try. I made also the cute hat, I don't find the link!!! As soon as I do - I'll write it!

But I'll show pictures soon....

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Butterick 4277

Hi all,

The summer is over! Finally! This is my first Friday off in so long... Both girls are in the kindergarten, and I have 3.5 hours all to myself!!!
Now, since the Summer is over, I minimized my Summer sewing. I'm still thinking whether of not I should make the girls new dresses for new year... Seems like a waste, since these must be summer dresses, and next year it probably won't fit!
In the meantime, I made my 6 years old two pairs of pants from Butterick 4277.
Here it is

The review and lessons learned:
1. I made size 6, (for a 6 years old). It was Huge!!!!! I shortened it more and more, also on the sides!!!
2. It was very easy - once I had adjusted the pattern - it was very quick to make! Should I need to make Lady H more winter pants - it'll be very easy!
3. The pants seems comfortable. Not too tight, not too roomy!
4. I'[m a bit disappointed - they do NOT look like the drawing - I though they will be wider at the bottom, but they don't.
They still look OK, Hopefully this winter when I insist Lady H should wear pants and not a skirt or a dress, she'll agree!

I have made many more small items lately: Emily for my 2.5 years old, a baby blanket, a bag for myself.. all in the next post!

Good Day!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My First boy's garment!

Well, my sister is about to give birth to a baby boy. Since I have two girls, I never had the chance to sew anything for a boy before. When I decided to sew an overall, I faced to issues:
1. How do I sew for a baby I know nothing about? How do I know what size he'll be???? How to sew for a baby that wasn't born yet??? I decided on size 62 cm. He's supposed to be a big baby and the overall is made out of baby corduroy, so it should fit the baby when is about 2 months old... well into the winter.
2. fabrics - I didn't need much fabric for this project... very little in fact, but of all the fabric that I have - NONE of it fit a boy!!!!
so I had to go fabric shopping... This time I really had to :-)

I am now even happier with my two princesses! finding cute boys fabric is hard!

Well, I did find!
here is it - Puuheppa overalls for a new baby (from Ottobrre, I don't remember the issue right now... but I think it's 4/2008)

Isn't is cute?
I also made another Simplicty 3759. I love this fabric, but I messed this top up, I didn't do the gathering properly, and when I did the top bend, it didn't come up nice, I had to redo it, twice. Well, I learned my lesson! next time - I'll pin the bend to the neck opening first, and sew only when I see that it fits nicely.

Good day!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Summer sewing

I've been doing a lot of that lately!
I found myself last weekend with an old swimming suit of my 6 years old, that had the elastics ripped out.. It wasn't a great swimming suit, but it did the job...
so I opened old Ottobrre issues and found three swimming suit patterns. None of them worked for me :-(
I don't know what clear elastic is, but I needed it for each and everyone of these patterns.
So I took out a ballet suit, and traced it, changed it a bit, added some gathering on the front. It took three tries, but I ended up with this...

I know it isn't the best swimming suit ever, but the fabric is cute, my kid loves it! it fits..
Happy with the results, I made another one:

We are going to spend next week, the last week of the (way too) big vacation, on a real 4 days vacation. two swimming suits will be handy!
I'm proud of this pattern. This one is mine!
I also made her another Laguna skirt - winter colors this time. The laguna is, I think, good also for the winter over some leggings, since it has two layers, and it is pretty heavy.

So - it is not a waist to make more and more!

I am now in the middle of a new top for me, Hope to finish it this week.

Now, it's not that I neglect my 2.5... I got a new pattern (yes, European, I just love those!) from dotsnstipes. I love this online shop, The service is exceptional!
So I got a few new patterns from there -
This is one -
Isn't it cute? I will trace from there and once the vacation is over I'll make my little girl some cute stuff too!

I also got a Magazine... I know, I promised no more patterns.. it's a sickness!

And I ordered several machine quilting accessories. I hope I'll make use of them!

Bye for now,

Friday, August 7, 2009

Simplicity 3759

Hi all!
last week I finished several tops for me :-). All of them knit fabric... I regret to say - I almost have nothing left...
so - I made two more of the NewLook 6405. Still love it! I actually meant to make the long sleeve version, but them decided that winter is still not so close... so I made two more tops.
Here's one:

I actually like my first version better, I think the two color combination makes it nicer... But this one is also good...
Then I got around to Simplicty 3759:

I made the small size. I actually cut it long ago but this is such a terrible fabric. So thin and slippery... I was afraid of working with it. Then I decided to make it a muslin version... but I turned really good!
I again skipped the top stitch, had to.. Other then that, no changes.
I'll make it again, in a better fabric, because I'm not sure this one will survive the washing machine :-(

I still have so much planned... I plan to make another Laguna skirt for my big girl, a T Shirt for my husband, another top for myself...
Then, I promise, I'll start preparing for the winter...
Good day!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Look what the mail brought me :-)

Wow, so much!!!!
I am still waiting for my August Burda magazine (though frankly, I;m not sure I have anything from there to make at the moment...)
But look what I did get!!!

I won this in a giveaway run by Bettsy Kingston. Thank you, Bettsy, it is adorable. Both my girls loved it!!!!
Then I got this this adorable eBay store . Look:

I do not sell stuff that I make, but I realised that my girl usually find the front and the back of dresses, skirts and pants by the label attached to back side.. so I thought I would add one too... isn't it pretty?
If anyone is wondering - N&L is for the nicknames of my daughters...

Once I get my burda, I'll have nothing to wait for on the mail... It's time to plan another buy!

I'll post soon on my latest work!

Good day,

Sunday, July 26, 2009

New look 6405 - Love it!

Well, I had such a busy week!
First, I usually make all my fabric shopping online. I know this is not the best way to buy fabric, but really - I have no other way...
But, last week I took several hours off work, my husband returned home early to take care of the girls and I went with a friend to the best place in Israel to buy fabric! Nahalat Binyamin. And I got so much!!!!

Then, this weekend, I made another attempt of NewLook 6405. I loved this pattern since I saw it, but never gathered the nerve to actually work with knits...
Well - the pattern is great, but it took me so long!
The first attempt I made was for size 8. Not that I'm so small, but I've learned that the pattern sizes of Newlook runs really big..
well - it was too tight!
So I didn't even finish it, and I started my second version, size 10. This one fit nice, I understood the instructions, all was well - until I attempted, according to the instructions, to top stitch the neck band!
It became all wavy!!!!
I saw some pattern reviews of this pattern, and one of them mentioned that it could be done without the top stitch, so I had to attempt it the third time!
(I actually got some nice tips how to top stitch, but didn;t get to that yet).
Well - third time is a charm!
I love it!!!!
it's too short, not my faborite fabric, but I love the shape, the fit! I'll make it again, and again, and again!

What did I learn:
Tips for next time -
1. Make the top a bit longer!
2. Do not top sticth this top unless I'm sure I know how to do it well
3. Otherwise - a great, quick top for summer (it also has a long sleeve vesrion - I'll try that too!

Good Day!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Another Sasha!

Well, this post has waited for more then a week, I had no time to write it, and actually - no time now either!
But in short - I made one more Sasha dress for my 5.5 years old Lady H. it turned lovely!!!!
What did I learn - I cut all skirt layers on the fabric lenght - because they are too long to cut as indicated - on the fabric width - it still turned out nice!
I have to hold myself not to make her another dress... She has about 6 new summer dresses and 6 new summer skirts - and no time to wear it all!!!!

Anyway - here come the pictures -

and one more

And this one - well, I didn't make the dress... but I made the child in it! Isn;t she cute???

I spent a few evenings trying some old Burda pattern - for me. It turned really ugly!!! good thing I used a nasty fabric for it. Still, I was bummed!
I am now in the process of makinf some more dilberts and Pippies by Melly&Me, and waiting for my first Burda Fashion magazine to arrive!!!

Good Day!

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Well, this was a very busy weekend!
I have so much to do, and never get around to it...
But I still managed a few things.
First - Dilbert by Melly&Me. I love these petty creatures they make, and I thought my girls would love then too... I wasn't sure I have it in me to start cutting those small parts, iron them, etc. and all for a toy! But I thought I'd give it a try...
well - I don't have it in me!!!! But the Dilberts I made re so cute, that I know I'll make a few more, in time.
Here they are:

The pink one belongs to my 5.5 Lady H

As soon as she had it, (she called her 'Dina') she wanted to put some lipstick on her, to make her 'even prettier!'. I stopped her in time though...

The red one belongs to 2.5 Lady N.

She knows it's a dinosaur.. but his name is 'Giraffe'. I don;t think it looks like a Giraffe... do you?

To another matter - I won the Giveaway by MyFabricHabit! I will be the lucky recipient of these really cute ruffle pants!

I am so excited about that!

I also finished another Sasha for my Lady H. But that would be in the next post!

Good Day!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


I love it, just love it! And so does Lady H.
It's a good thing that I found the sew along on the net though, cause I really found it very difficult to understand what to do. I am still not sure I did it right, but it looks good!
My notes on this skirt -
1. I made size 116 for my 5.5 years old dd. It is slightly short. This is not a big deal, since her skirts always to tend to slip doen her belly botton, but next time I probably should make a bigger size.
2. The construction - in the sew along the instructions call for bias tape - I finished it with my overlock. I did it after the skirt was constructed, but it might be easier to do before constructing the levels? I should try that next...
3. The simpler version of this skirt is half the fabric - I should try that too.

I wonder - is it too much? This is a fency skirt, not suitable for the kindergarten, but - there are just not enough days in the week for all the dresses and skirts. I want to make another skirt but...
we'll see.
It does call for plenty of fabric (the two layers version). That's a down...
Well - the pictures...

And just one more...

This week I'm supposed to finish two Dilberts for my girls...
After that the fun part of the month is done - I have a huge pile of 'need to do' tasks:
fix two pants, fix some sheets fot Lady N new bed, make DH a T shirt. Don't like these tasks... but they must be handled...
Good Day!